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  1. Thanks for the reply, at least I don't have to keep checking my phone all the time now. next year then, Good luck with school
  2. Anyone still deciding whether to accept or decline the offer from U of A?
  3. havent heard back, called admission office but they won't say anything about the WL, I think by this time (been a week since deadline to accept offer) it's probably impossible if any more spots will become available. Congrats on those who got accepted
  4. Thanks for the reply, do you know when would be the latest they send out the final decision (whether you get accepted off the waitlist or just get rejected b/c they have enough people)
  5. I got it this morning, IPThanks for the info, 6 people only? Thats a good chance, too bad U of A doesn't tell us what the ranking is,
  6. Got waitlisted, anyone know how many people are usually waitlisted each year?
  7. Thanks everyone for the replies. I kinda hope they would give out all results at once, at least I can find out if I was wait listed or rejected, don't have to wonder about it everyday.
  8. Anyone received early acceptance yet? Or any idea when it will be out?
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