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  1. Hello everyone! Posting for a friend (she received an offer of admission from UBC but took an English course on a pass/fail basis): Is there a cGPA or GPA for the year of acceptance for the offer to be maintained? Also, does the english requirement need a numerical grade or is pass/fail okay if it was taken in the year of acceptance? Thanks for your input!
  2. http://www.ouac.on.ca/common-questions/?filter_applications=149 Fourth question from the top. Hope this helps!
  3. From what I heard, Systems Neuroscience is one of the easier fourth year bio courses.
  4. Buying Doing Right (2nd or 3rd edition). Meet up in the GTA. Please PM me with offers!
  5. I am going into third year in York's Biology program. Just wanted to clarify that you do not need to do an honours thesis in Biomed. Only Specialized Biology/Biomed streams require honours thesis. And just to share my experience, I really enjoyed my second year biology courses. The profs are amazing, course contents are also fascinating, and you will meet many many bright and respectable classmates. One downside, however, is that Kin offers many medically relevant courses (i.e., epidemiology, cardiovascular diseases, muscle phys, etc) in fourth year. But you can always take them as electives
  6. Falling, who was your prof for Molec II? I am thinking of taking it with Dr. Hudak, but Dr. Bayfield is also teaching it this year
  7. To anyone that has taken any BIOL courses at the 3000 or 4000 level, Which courses did you find most interesting with manageable workload?
  8. Hello, I am looking for 2015 MCAT Kaplan/Berkeley Review/Princeton Review/Examkracker books. Please leave a message with details on this post and I will PM you!
  9. Thank you all for the reply! I really appreciate it
  10. Hi everyone, I am struggling in one of the courses that I am taking this semester. I am planning on dropping the course if the course grade will affect my GPA, which will give me 4 courses this semester. I know most med schools apply the weighting formula for years with full course load. Does this mean 5 courses per semester or can I take 4 courses this semester and 6 courses next semester, for a total of 10 courses? Thank you for your help!
  11. Has anyone taken PSYC 2220 - Sensation and Perception I? Alistair Mapp is teaching it this year but I've been hearing that the course is challenging. Any feedback?
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