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  1. I felt that compared to the previous times that I have interviewed this time was a bit easier. Maybe it was my practice and the fact that I am a repeat interviewee. Questions were pretty straight forward, and one station traditionally known to be difficult was a little too easy. Like almost a rest station and I am seriously worried about the whole purpose of it. Overall just like @DoctorArts 5 were excellent, and rest were Good/Okay. It's so hard to tell if someone with a grin or stoneface liked your answer or not. I did kind of ramble and get carried away at two very easy stations, and n
  2. Thanks man. Yours is just around the corner. Looking forward to practicing with you again now that you've resurfaced after 3 years
  3. Interview invite 10:38 AM Early Deadline IP At work at the moment . Can't post my stats. But please feel free to refer to my previous posts from my profile. I only added two more activities. An Enterpreneur Initiative and a Job I got last year.
  4. Late Update- For this activity I had not provided any email for reference because I didn't know her email. Just the phone number. But still curious at the timing. Next week might explain
  5. As far as I know 3 have been contacted. One was back in October another in November.
  6. I had a verifier contacted by phone today for an employment position. It's very strange to have checks this late in December and also by phone. That's new.
  7. I was contemplating not making any posts, but here 5th App, 4th Interview:- Rejected Early or Regular Deadline: Early AGPA: 81.48 MCAT: 509 (127/124/130/128) ECs: Non-Trad Geography: IP Interview: Average NAQ: 37.85 (-7 from last year) AQ: 16.77 There's not much that I can say at the moment. Everything feels numb and so disappointing, I so hoped that this day would be different because I felt that I gave my all for interview prep and my interview was definitely better than last year. I guess with my low GPA Interview needs to be absolutely perfect to even
  8. Oh man I kinda didn't want this week to come. I've been here thrice before unfortunately to no good end, and still remember everyone of my rejection. I've been obsessing over my interview over the last three months (discussed this obsession with some of you too ) , and the more I think the more I believe I should be prepared for a fourth rejection. I was happy after my interview this year because I did better than my last three attempts, but not that significantly better to make me confident of success. I should be extremely lucky to hit the waitlist with my 81% . Worst is i'll find it out
  9. This week one of my colleagues at my Second workplace got into a nursing program she had been wait listed for after 9 months, another at my first workplace got into an RN program after 1 year wait, and both quit their jobs, My supervisor got a position at another consulting firm with better money and quit too. Now I'm waiting till next month to hear about my fate (Can I quit too please ) with a sinking feeling in my stomach. Every rejection has hurt and I can't imagine how I would be able to deal with a very likely scenario of not being able to make 'real' progress in my life like my coworkers
  10. TBH its so difficult to analyze interview performance. Some stations where I felt I did good could have been average because other people in my track gave better answers, or in other stations where I did poorly others could have done worse. I was in a circuit with only 3 guys and rest of them all girls and one of the guys said to me "You know girls do better at interviews then guys" , I was like just do your best lol. Then there is interview bias, circuit competitiveness, the little things, and so much more............Dahh
  11. Thank you and Congratulations to you too. Looking forward to interview practice with you.
  12. Thanks Bro . You're definitely guaranteed an interview invite tomorrow. Lets do this !!
  13. Meant to post this earlier IP Early Deadline Invite 9:43 PST. 5th Application, 4th Interview Year: Graduated 2013 OGPA: 79.1 AGPA: 81.48 Old MCAT: 31 New MCAT: 509 ECs: Long term care centers, Tutoring, Mentoring, Non Profit Organizations Executive Work, Student club involvement, Varsity Sports, Unique Hobbies, Research (No Pubs), Travel and Volunteering in my home country). Kept 2 Jobs in School, work 3 after Graduating. Hopefully Fourth time's the charm. Looking forward to interview practice with fellow interviewees.
  14. Thank you, I'll look into picking up a course or two in the fall but MCAT is definitely the focus right now.
  15. Thanks for being honest, It's an uphill battle for sure. My desire of becoming a doctor is not really based on following the footsteps of any role model or personality. I couldn't really care less if tomorrow medicine lost all the attractions or perks associated with it. It's something I've wanted to do for ever but unfortunately ran into problems which took time to solve.
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