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  1. It's as easy as that? You just It's as easy as that? You just email help desk?
  2. Hey everyone, I saw that interview invites were sent out today, lets try and keep with old tradition and fill in the descriptor for your stats! Timestamp: Interview: Yes or No GPA: OMSAS 4.0 scale Context: (What is your rural, remote or Northern Ontario connection?) ECs: (Summation of your extracurricular activities) Non-trad?: # of previous applications: Interview Location/Date/Time:
  3. Hi all, So far one person on the Facebook group has been accepted off the waitlist. Hang in there all! I know it takes a bit longer as well as they have to sort out those who want to transfer to the opposite campus
  4. Time Stamp: 8:01am Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Accepted!!!!!! GPA: 3.69 Eps: Various, 2x publications, northern health experience, etc. Decision (will you accept your offer)? YES Campus: Laurentian Thank you to everyone at premed101 over the years for helping me! I'll be returning the favour for years to come.
  5. Oh I've had the opposite many times- I don't get in and am just resigned to the fact I'll be in school doing my MSc and then PhD forever... until I finally get accepted at the ripe age of 87... and I wake up horrified. Welp.
  6. I'm just so glad it's not a 9 week wait for me this year (TBAY interview was March 5th, and we found out May 12th (?) last year). Personally I keep bouncing back between optimism and pessimism, and right now I'm feeling a lot of the latter. At the time I felt the interview went well, but now I have flashbacks to last year when I felt the same, but still didn't get across the line. For some reason I have the sinking feeling that even an amazing interview can't change a "bad" pre-interview score. We shall see soon enough I guess- only 20 and a bit days to go....
  7. Have you applied in the past? NOSM didn't send the interview invite to the correct email I registered in this cycle (but the email I used last cycle, aka my Undergraduate email address)
  8. That's what I did. If It wasn't my permanent address, I didn't list it
  9. Timestamp: 9:54 (ET) Interview: Yes GPA: 3.7 Context: Raised in a small NWO town (Pop. 8000) ECs: -Research Student at two NWO Health Care facilities (3 and 2 years) -3 publications focusing on first nations health status in NWO -Project lead on a diabetes project aiming to increase diabetes health status in NWO patients -President of a Student Organization at University -Various volunteer positions in my community (Coach, Tutor, etc) Non-trad?: Traditional, 22 years old in my first year of my MSc. # of previous applications: 1 Interview Location/Date/Time: April 2nd, 10am- Sudbury
  10. This scared me so much... I thought that emails were sent and I missed it... Raised my HR a bit.
  11. Hey Green11, I am in the same boat as you- I applied this cycle having just graduated from my undergrad, and am now in a MSc. program. However, I did order two transcripts for both my undergrad and graduate degrees- Mostly because I was informed the graduate transcript would aid in proof of enrolment (by NOSM). Having said this, my university would only send one transcript- with both programs information on the one sheet. From what I've heard from other people- I don't think it'll affect your application a lot, as you don't make the December graduation cut-off for the 0.2 GPA boost an
  12. Best advice is to check the NOSM section of the OMSAS website, or NOSM's own website. In summary: its a score they give you based on your geographic location. The more rural the community, the higher the score. If the community is in NO as well= more points. I'm pretty sure it's based on how many years you've lived there, did you goto High School there, etc. as well. This is to give the admissions committee an idea if you're going to stay in the North after Medical School. Some people claim it's quite close to a RIO calculation score: http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/northernh
  13. "You are required to ask 3 different individuals to provide a reference on your behalf. Once you add a referee, select "Send Email" to notify them about completing their online reference in a secure environment. If the referee does not have an email address, download the form and forward it to them. They must mail it, together with their accompanying letter, to OMSAS when complete." But the references still have to mail the letter itself? It's just the CAF that has become electronic, correct?
  14. How do you know? But this is super weird, I can't imagine getting that call now, after already figuring out my future for the next year. Congrats to them!
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