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  1. I was waitlisted on Friday and it's been taking some time to process - I've been extremely overwhelmed. I thought I did very well on the MMI, had a strong overall MCAT/GPA, and a strong application. I'm still asking myself what went wrong. 

    I thankfully have another offer - however my preference was to stay here due to friends, family, and my partner. Unless I receive good news on the 27th, I will be leaving. Bittersweet :unsure:

  2. Invite
    Time Stamp: 22/01/2019 - 9:53am PST
    Location: OOP 
    Stream: English
    wGPA: how to calculate?? no idea. Not even close to a perfect GPA. Will edit once someone helps me with this. 
    Current year: UG complete
    ECs: Kind of all over the place. Research, work with minority groups, hobbies, EC's, started some sports initiatives on campus. I am also one of the scholars for a T5 medical school in the US. 

    Casper: Wrote casper previously - I have years of CS experience under my belt so it didn't feel challenging at all. 

    125 CARS and still made it!!


    Does anyone know date availabilities? The one I got doesn't really work for me :\. 

  3. Hey all, 


    I was wondering how you all managed to meet prereqes for american medical schools that have credit requirements?


    ex 8 credits of physics lab+lecture

    I'm struggling to meet inorganic requirement of 8 credit hours of lab+lecture as well as 8 credits physics lab+lecture. UBC offered phys 101, and 118 which was 3 and 4 credits respectively. As for inorganic, one of our chem courses did not have lab, so again, I have 7 credits.

    What did you do to meet requirements ? Suggestions welcome. 

  4. Hey guys! 

    I'm a student who just finished their first year at UBC. Many people say after the first year in sciences many students give up on the whole "I want to be a doctor" dreams but I havent. I struggled with the transition, but kept motivating myself to do better and ended up with a decent avg (~80). I got better marks second semester.

    My question is for all those people who get 85+ averages consistently:how do you do it?

    I've been able to improve my studying habits and sacrificed a lot of time to study instead, but I feel like I'm not working at max efficiency. People say it gets easier after 1st year, but does it really? 

    Let alone declaring my major (probably doing bio, I enjoyed it!), I have no idea what arts electives I'd like to take. How'd you all go about selecting electives 2nd year? I don't really have anyone older to talk to so I only have this forum to ask.


    Any advice is appreciated :)



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