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  1. yeah i don't get the random increase to a 2k deposit too. wasn't it like $200 for last year's e2p class and the same for every other year before that?
  2. so basically, the people that haven't heard back yet, it's not by accident that we're getting nothing. we're just kind of waiting on the admissions office until june, at which point they'll send out more offers and waitlists and whatever
  3. That makes sense. I kinda just put whatever year for mine, guy on the phone when I called a few months ago said it didn't matter and they'd figure it out based on transcript (I'm between years). Knew I shoulda gone with 4th year lol
  4. anyone have any thoughts on why its taking so long? some rejection letters already went out yesterday according to sdn and waitlist letters are usually sent out same day arent they?
  5. they're not afaik. i know a person with a last name near the end of the alphabet and they got sent an email much earlier in the day i wonder what the heck is going on for people to be getting emails at 730 and some not even after that. the office closes way before that.
  6. What a time for hotmail to stop working. I have been using hotmail my entire life but I think I'm going to start using Gmail
  7. i don't remember that. they told us 2 weeks, but we all knew that was way too early
  8. yea yea same one i was looking at that doesn't sound right honestly. last few years have all been around this time and the people there said 2 weeks, not 4 lol
  9. where'd you get that email? haven't got anything like that on the SSC or on hotmail edit: are you talking about the one they sent out a few days after interviews? that one says that as well
  10. same. don't think i bombed any other than one of them, but who knows.
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