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  1. Hello, class of 2020 here. I got in with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 lol, but my pre req gpa was 3.68, and my LOI was super strong same with my interview. If you got questions, ask.
  2. Anybody on the waiting list still, has anyone called yet and inquired about the available seats and etc?
  3. Thanks for the reply, and yea it definitely does. I did email Rae about the letter of intent, and she said to be as concise as possible, and get right to the point, as it reflects your professionalism. She also recommended using all the space in the letter, and etc. So yea, i guess your letter is what ruined your chances last year. Having said that, my friend got in two years ago with a 3.5 pre req GPA and a 3.4 cGPA after two years, so your gpa is definitely competitive.
  4. Hey Koko, you said you were rejected last year right? Do you mind me asking why? you said you were going to email Rae about your application, did she mention what you could have improved on? Thanks, and I hope you make it in this year, which i am sure you will .
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