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  1. If you have a medical/psychiatric reason you cannot work overnight call then you might be able to get accommodations through PGME. From what I've heard different PGMEs can vary pretty wildly in how willing they are to accommodate these sorts of things so that would be something to discretely investigate in any programs you are very interested in should it apply to you. If your goal is to avoid prolonged call hours... In Ontario make sure you ask about whether or not the program has Post-Call Rounding and ask about the team start time. Because while they will tell you the overnight call i
  2. If you got this on an ITER from me then keen is a great thing. I love keen, interested and engaged medical students and will enthusiastically say so on evaluations :-)
  3. Full disclosure: I'm not transgender and don't have any particular expertise or wisdom. I just wanted to chime in and say Rheumroom I am sorry that amidst navigating an already complicated and stressful journey of matching during COVID that a fear of stigma in your chosen profession is complicating that even more. That is not fair to you and the fact that you have to worry about this at all is a statement of how far we still have to go in creating an inclusive environment in medicine. I would echo what Ellorie said about dead names etc. Starting with your medical school diploma you are g
  4. I applied into OBGYN as a super late interest (like fell in love with it a couple weeks before CaRMS closed late interest) and applied in with an application that screamed psychiatry and/or family medicine... and I was interviewed. I wrote a strong personal letter talking about how I had fallen in love with this discipline I'd never even considered before and how my core OBGYN rotation happened right before CaRMs closed and that's where I discovered I really unexpectedly liked OBGYN. I hadn't done my surgical rotation at the time I applied and interviewed in Carms. So I had zero surgical skill
  5. Did you recently finish your psychiatry residency? Are your books sitting on a shelf, sad and neglected? Would you like to give them a new life in a home where they will receive more attention? I am offering a loving and attentive home to used psychiatry textbooks available to new homes for a modest adoption fee! Looking for: Kaplan and Sadock Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry (10th Ed) Kaplan and Sadock's Concise textbook of clinical psychiatry (11th ed.) Stahl's essential psychopharmacology (4th ed) Stahl's prescriber's guide (6th ed) spiral bound preferred
  6. In some very small specialties probably not but I know several people who turned down multiple specialty interviews and only attended selected ones they were invited to. I didn't realize it was that rare to turn some down. I'll be interested to see what happens when all is said and done.
  7. I think you will see people attend a lot more of their interviews. And some may apply to more programs/schools because they are not restricted by the number of interviews they can afford to travel to.
  8. Because the university's primary interest is collecting your tuition dollars and the government funding that comes along with it. At the end of the day universities are a business in addition to being educational institutions and research facilities (they are in the business of education). That's why you can take a multitude of degrees at University that are difficult at best to find jobs in - because people will pay to pursue a degree that is a passion project (I have at least one of them! It was a super interesting degree, I enjoyed it, but it's not employable in the least). It's also one of
  9. Eliminating this exam would involve changes to legislation and medical licensing. Letters to the prime minister, health ministers and provincial colleges would be the next step towards garnering support for this.
  10. So this was me post-carms last year almost verbatim. DM me if you want to chat about it.
  11. This doesn't make sense because this legislation wasn't even being discussed last year during CaRMS and U of C urban FM has had leftover spots for multiple years. Also, if it was an issue of legislation the U of A should also have the same problem filling their program and that is not the case. The U of C has a less traditional structure to their family medicine program that is not a good fit for everyone's style of learning or residency goals. The majority of people I interviewed for FM with and the FM residents that I've met who interviewed at but chose not to rank U of C or rank
  12. There isn't a single unmatched psychiatry spot this year either. Quite a shift in terms of competitiveness for psych in the last few years.
  13. UCP is probably a factor but as U of A FM does not have a similar volume of unmatched spots I suspect it's due to Calgary Urban FM having a more non-traditional program structure that some people like and some people *really* dislike. Calgary has had a large number of urban FM spots in round 2 for a few years running.
  14. Hey AstrocyteKM! So first off, congratulations on being so proactive in managing your mental health. Regardless of the field you wind up in that will serve you very well! In terms of medicine specifically, I would never tell someone to give up entirely on something that mattered so much to them, but because of the structural issues in medicine there are a few things I would strongly caution you to explore BEFORE heading down the road to medical training. Some of these are considerations for you personally (how to manage call and maintain stability of your health, for instance) but ot
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