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  1. As of this year it's confidential as to how they will use the DAT scores. They may use any section individually, or all of the sections! So yes, PAT could be looked at
  2. I was rejected after an interview the first time I applied to Western. I was a lousy interviewer. I took a year off of school to work, shadow, and volunteer a bunch. I was never interested in doing a Master's (I've done some research and it isn't my thing) and instead decided to focus on activities that I genuinely enjoyed. That way, I had meaningful things to talk about in my next interview. I also practiced interviewing EVERY night for about a month leading up to my second interview. Practice with people who are good at it! Find methods of structuring your answers without sounding rehearsed.
  3. A word to the wise: You should put a lot of effort into your personal statement, regardless of your score.
  4. Are you applying this year or next cycle? If you're applying this year, as long as it's a 4-year degree, you should be in good shape with your RC, GPA and good ECs. You can challenge the physiology exam if you haven't taken a physiology course.
  5. No, there are no blatant advantages/disadvantages to getting either a Mac or PC for dental school. Whatever worked for you in undergrad will work just as well here. As a Western student, you'll also get a free download of Microsoft Office.
  6. Thank you and no, just a late post! I was accepted when offers came out
  7. A little late, but I'm a long-time lurker of this forum and a re-applicant so thought I'd post my stats to help out future applicants! Good luck! Accepted Best 2-year GPA: 90% (full course-load) DAT score: RC-20, AA-19 Interview Thoughts: Went well, very friendly interviewers. Year: Finished undergrad. Geography: IP. Accepted offer.
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