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  1. Hey, I'm not quite sure what's going on with Western's PT Facebook group but if anyone is still looking for living accommodations and would care to chat, feel free to respond to this thread of PM me directly. Talk soon
  2. I'm pretty sure you can just make a group. At this point, I don't think it would be a bad idea at all!
  3. Hey, I'll be entering the PT program this summer and I'm also looking for some fellow PT students to rent a place with. I know a Facebook group will be started shortly but if anyone wants to get in contact beforehand please feel free to PM me or respond to this thread. Thanks!
  4. I've yet do do my own research but does anyone have a general idea of what the cheapest price for a 1 bedroom near the university would cost?
  5. Hey, is there a Western PT Facebook group or a good place to inquire about housing arrangements with students?
  6. Also, does anyone know if Queen's program is renowned for anything? I know that Western has a great orthopedic/MSK division but I haven't found any info about Queen's program. Thanks
  7. Hi, I was hoping that there were some current and/or past Western and Queen's PT students that could weigh in on their program experience thus far. Pros and cons of each program as well as the city of Kingston and London would be immensely helpful. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, I've done my fair share of research on the PT program offered at the University of Alberta but I was hoping that a current or past student could describe what sets that program apart from different PT schools in Canada. Is the UoA PT program renowned for anything in particular? If you're a current or past student, what have been some of your highlights studying at that school? Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully respond!
  9. Hi, I was wondering if there was any information on last year's admission class statistics for PT at the University of Toronto. I wasn't able to find anything in my original search. I'm interested in the number of: overall applicants, CAP invites, and those accepted. Thanks!
  10. Hey, I was just curious does Queen's PT program specialize in any particular area and do they place a heavy emphasis on research experience? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi, this question is specifically for York University students applying through ORPAS. I'm not sure if I'm the only one having issues with linking the course URL through ORPAS. I have been using the course calendar to link the course description for each course but I keep getting the error "You have exceeded the maximum time limit. Your session has been ended" when I try to input the address into a web browser. I'm not logged in so I'm not sure why it's doing this. Is there any easier way or a way that works that actually links the appropriate course description/course URL? Thanks for taki
  12. Hey, I was hoping that I could speak with current or previous students that have been accepted into Queen's or Western's PT program. Please feel free to respond to this thread and I will get in touch with you or send me a PM. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, does anyone know if there is a list or resource that shows all of the physiotherapy schools in the United States and Canada that offer mid-year intakes into their programs? Thank you in advance!
  14. Hey UWOPT17! I have been placed on Western's PT waitlist (middle-third) and I was just curious if you had any information about my chances of being offered a position (perhaps from previous year experiences/statistics). I know every year will be different but any additional information would be helpful. Thanks!
  15. Hey, I'm having trouble posting the url for course descriptions from the academic calendar. I keep getting redirected to the 'course timetable' section. Does anyone know if posting the course description under the course time table is sufficient. The following link is an example of what I mean if I made that confusing! https://w2prod.sis.yorku.ca/Apps/WebObjects/cdm.woa/3/wo/LCnnLgqWOnyeckb7x4K3A0/ I'm not sure if they want a course syllabus and/or if the year matters of the year you took the course (i.e can I post a 2015 course description for a course I took in 2012?). An
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