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  1. looking for form a hardcore summer study group! Let me know
  2. Hi, Just wondering what sort of stats OOP students get admitted with. Wondering if I would have a possible chance at interview and if I should start preparing as I feel Calgary is one of my best shots. Weighted GPA - 3.93 MCAT CARS - 128 EC's - Decently good (equated to 24.5 on UBC's measurements this year) - National sport, research presentations & publication, fundraising, surgical observerships, volunteering, coaching etc. Would I have a good shot at an interview and even post that? Appreciate any Calgary specific tips! Thanks
  3. TIME STAMP: Mon 8:45 PM EST Interview Invite: Regret Regular Deadline GPA: 86 MCAT: 504 ECs: Pretty good stuff Year: UG 4th year, graduating Geography: IP NAQ (if applicable): 24 AQ (if applicable): 25 Typo (put 35 instead of 25 earlier)
  4. Hi, So I got an MCAT score of 503 (126,128,124,125). I believe I have excellent EC's and my academic score is around 84% (with a very high upward trend). I'm still in my undergraduate degree. Assuming I only want to go to UBC med, is it worth retaking the MCAT? Next year if I apply again I will get to drop my worst year which boosts my academic percentage to around a 94%. Either way, do people get in with such a poor MCAT score? Chances for this year? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I have a few questions about the MCAT. 1.) Is May1 - Aug19th too much study time for the current MCAT? I've only done a few prerequisite courses (Bio 1 year, and chem 1 year). I will be doing a semester of Org simultaneously (may - june 20th). I have no other commitments and plan to study full time. 2.) I'm also considering taking a course because I don't have much background information. which course do you guys feel is the best, especially in terms of explaining concepts? There is no way I can take the prerequisites before. Any advice on this matter would be strongly
  6. Hi, I'm an Arts student planning on taking the MCAT this August (probably Aug 19th). The only prerequisites I've taken so far are Gen Chem (full year) and Biology (full year). I will be taking a summer course in May and most of June in Organic Chemistry 1 as well. For someone who has a very limited background in Science, but also has the entire summer (May-Aug 19th) besides one summer course, to study for the MCAT, would a course be worthwhile? If so which one do you guys recommend?
  7. I completely understand, but I am some what of a non-traditional applicant and want to make the most of my chances. I'm just curious as to how effective they can be and want to hear from people who have actually taken them instead of critics (for which I very much understand the skepticism).
  8. Thanks for your reply. I'm actually an arts student and don't have a strong background in the sciences. Do you still think its a waste of time for me? What about TPR's online prep course?
  9. Has anyone had any experience with Prep101's MCAT course? For the same price they offer more classroom hours and more practice exams. Also, they choose their instructors in a highly competitive way. This leads me to believe they would be the best bet, but am scared because they don't have the same experience as the others. Any input would be appreciated!
  10. Has anyone had any experience with pre-med counsellors such as Dr. Dee and MedSchoolCoach? If so, could you tell me a little bit more about your experience?
  11. I have lived in Canada for a long time and have my PR status renewed. It will be around 1 year till I can apply to citizenship which will take another 2 to be approved and then granted. By going to the US I would not lose my PR status. I have emailed most of the schools and am waiting to hear back! Thank you!
  12. Has any Canadian been accepted to an American Ivy league here and willing to talk about their application? Just curious - what do you think separated you from the thousands of other applications/ did you feel you had a good chance when you applied/ have any of you had a sub 3.7 CGPA? Also, on another note. How much do GPA trends make a difference - if I got a 3.1 first year, but a 4.0 in second and third, would this qualify me as competitive or would I still be an average applicant with a 3.7CGPA? Cheers!
  13. Obviously I know its very hard to say without an MCAT score, but lets say I manage to pull my GPA up to a 3.69/3.7. Considering I get a 4.0 in second and third year, would that not count for something? My science GPA would be close to a 4.0 as well. I also feel that my EC's are very good, which would make me a good candidate at many US schools. Is this a fair assumption?
  14. So you think thats what makes a difference? Where you completed your undergrad? Not your citizenship/residency status?
  15. Thank you! That makes sense
  16. Thank you so much! Found that to be quite helpful. I have my GPA for this term, and am assuming the next term would be similar because I'm taking much easier courses. My only concern is I'm a Canadian Permanent Resident, so I don't know if the US schools would view me as on par with Canadian citizens and whether I could apply as a Canadian. This could make a huge difference to my application. I've emailed a bunch of universities and am waiting to hear back. Thank you for your help!
  17. Given these stats which US schools would you target? Science GPA - 3.9 CGPA- 3.68 (3.1 first year, 4.0 second year and 3.9 third year) Major - Economics (BA degree) + Pre- med curriculum Academic Excellence Scholarship MCAT - To be taken this summer (assuming a good score) EC's - Varsity + national and international level rugby Professional wheelchair rugby coach (4 hours a week) with local team 350 hours + of shadowing doctors in General Surgery department of a government hospital in India 100+ hours of volunteering at a neurological institute in Canada 200 + ho
  18. Hey do you know if Canadian Permanent Residents are treated the same as Canadian Citizens when applying to the US?
  19. Hi, I have a little bit of extra time over this Christmas break and was thinking of starting to prepare my applications for the summer of 2016. Is this too early? I'll be quite busy then and was just wondering if there was any way I could prepare in advance!
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