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  1. I matched to Rad Onc this cycle! Many programs shared their alumni lists with us while interviewing, and most recent graduates were able to find employment (staff or locum) after 1 fellowship. There were also outliers who found employment straight away or who did 2 fellowships. Overall, it looks like things are slowly improving! I think it was less popular this year, at least partially, because people didn’t get enough exposure through visiting electives. Anecdotally I can think of a few people in my class who were considering it but weren't able to secure a home school elective. It's als
  2. I think they’re just reminding the other students that not everyone matches so it’s important to be compassionate when interacting with the 4th years about this topic. I can only imagine how much it sucks to go unmatched, but it would be much worse if on top of that I have to answer to a bunch of people messaging me about what I matched to.
  3. If there are extenuating circumstances or if it’s just one block, you will have a chance to write a supplementary exam. If you pass the supplementary exam, you get the same P on your transcript that everyone else has. If it’s more than one block, there will be a more in-depth discussion about what is going on and whether it’s better to write 2+ supplementary exams or repeat the year. This is very rare.
  4. It’s both; frequent low stakes assessments + feedback, as well as a final exam that you need to pass to pass the block. Passing grade is a 60.
  5. Yes, Queen’s has had the highest match rate in the country consistently. If you look at the specialties people are matching to, it’s usually been around ~1/3 primary care, ~1/3 internal medicine, and ~1/3 surgery/other. We did very well again this year (2020) from what I’ve heard, with grads matching to the most competitive specialties and locations. I think that a strong applicant can match to their specialty of choice from any school, but Queen’s does a great job of providing support and direction. For example, my class is currently scheduled for 1 on 1 meetings with our career advising facu
  6. Good questions! It’s unique to Queen’s because of the ratios. Let’s look at 2 examples. Example 1: You are scheduled for a psyc outpatient clinic. You arrive and the attending tells you to start seeing patients and review with them after each encounter. You end up seeing 10 patients. Example 2: You are scheduled for a psyc outpatient clinic. You arrive and there’s a R1 there as well. The attending tells you both to start seeing patients and review with them after each encounter. You end up seeing 5 patients and the resident sees the other 5. Multiply this across all 2 years of
  7. Congrats! Both solid programs, you can’t go wrong. There’s way more than 3 pro’s but imo the top 3 are: 1. Community. Yes, I know everyone says they have an amazing and friendly community. This is probably true, but QMed is just on a whole other level. For example, check this out. Or this. Find me another school that does this stuff and you can have the rest of my LOC. More info on the community in case you missed it. Another unique part of our community is that we’re the only Ontario school with 1 campus and 1 stream, so you’re whole class will be in the same room every day (for pre-cler
  8. There’s only 60 cases in Kingston compared to other cities which have way more, so I think that probably played a role in this.
  9. Queen’s; “We are planning to provide you with an on-line orientation curriculum, beginning the week of Monday, June 1, 2020. That will include orientation about your rotations, the hospital environment, Public Health requirements, and our overall plans for the remainder of your clerkship. • We are planning for you to re-start clinical placements Monday, June 8, 2020. • The MOH requires that upon returning to Kingston, you each remain quarantined within your homes for two weeks before entering clinical placements. We’ll be meeting and clarifying with them soon what’s ex
  10. Queen's 3rd year clerks will be on vacation for a week followed by an online curriculum for 2 weeks. Different integrated streams will have different sequences (ie some students will still be in clinical activities this week if they're at an integrated site)
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