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  1. Interesting... I guess it prevents people from just getting a 4.0 in 1st year and applying.
  2. That's the thing though. You don't know how those super low ECs are counted. The 12 or whatever the highest EC score they gave out could give you full 30%. And we already have one school in Alberta that focuses on EC, we should have one that focuses on academics so that those of us with strong MCAT/GPA and not so strong EC get an interview.
  3. It's always random who gets verifier contacted isn't it? And this early in the admission process doubt it wold have anything to do with getting an interview or not. Side note the people who got contacted for me were for activities I put down in my volunteer section. Has any else's other sections been contacted?
  4. Not sure my verifier called me over and showed the email. It had a link to click for them to go to some website and verify it. They didn't click link in front of me but told me about it so I guess so??
  5. How personally invested on a scale of 1-10 are you in person getting into med? What kind of question is that? My verifier told me they weren't sure what to put for that.
  6. Is anybody able to login to the UofS site anymore? It used to be on the front page when we had to fill in the application and it seems to be gone now. When should we expect to hear more from the school regarding interviews and such?
  7. IP status is a joke... If you move here and apply you are IP. It says one year you have to be in AB and it takes 1 year from when you apply to when classes start.
  8. How many people actually have this overseas volunteering on their EC when they get into med school? I heard UofA looks favorably on applicants that have this but the general opinion I've heard is that its voluntourism and not really helpful... I know a few friends that have it but wondering how common it is for accepted applicants
  9. It was a joke... I don't understand how this has to do with med students/docs having a bad rep with other health professionals. In no way did I put down the nursing profession.
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