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  1. Hey guys! I'm figuring out if I need to add some more clothes to my wardrobe and realized that I have no clue what's appropriate and what's not. What types of clothes do people usually wear to lectures, tutorials, and all the first year stuff where there's no patient contact? E.g. would jeans and a sweater be the norm, or more formal pants and a blouse?
  2. Forgot about the transcript requirement and just sent it just now by Fedex from Toronto. It won't arrive on time. If it's dated Jan 31 (or possibly Feb 1 if they send it tomorrow), but they won't accept it from what it sounds like. I'm so mad at myself for forgetting :/
  3. Thanks! If you're familiar with U of T, I'm a little confused about FCEs (sorry, I'm a transfer and this is completely different to my old uni's system), so I hope you don't mind me asking... Does enrolling in a class that is 1.0 FCE mean that that's your class for the fall semester, and one whole credit is taken entirely in the fall, or is it one class that runs over the entire year, so 0.5 FCE completed in fall and 0.5 in winter?
  4. Can anyone familiar with FCEs tell me what counts as a 'full course load'? I have no idea how it converts to semester hours. Is 2.5 FCE in one semester a full course load?
  5. What would I have to do to qualify for the weighting formula? At my previous university I was taking 3 classes every quarter, which is a lot less than everyone in semester schools, but that was the normal amount over there, so I don't know how they calculate what a full course load is. And if I don't have a full course load my first year (the one I just finished) but I do for the next three, will I still qualify for the weighting formula? Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!
  6. Hi! I'm a Canadian citizen, transferring to U of T after 1 year at UCLA. My final grades were just released and my freshman GPA is going to be around 3.5 (all As, with a couple really bad grades). Even if I get a 4.0 the next three years, which I think is going to be close to impossible with everything I've heard about U of T, the absolute highest GPA I could get is a 3.875- and I don't think I can get a 4.0 for the next three years. I'm feeling really hopeless about med school admissions now because I see people regularly getting 3.99, 4.0, 3.98, etc. and it's going to be mathematically impos
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