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  1. Just practice, practice, practice. Don't give up. Improve your verbal/analytical/English skills, keep doing the full length practice tests from AAMC and try again.
  2. I was thinking that for IP it's slightly easier and maybe your chances are better? But correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. A lot of people have told me to read a book called Doing Right which is supposedly a big help. Other than that the uwash ethics page is probably good enough and practice typing quick if you're not great at it. Good luck dude! I hope it goes great.
  4. Decent chance if your CASPer is solid. I've seen someone with a similar GPA, lower CARS get in OOP.
  5. My two cents. I'm a psych major and the lower level psych courses are pretty easy. But once you start getting into the upper year 3rd and 4th level courses it takes a lot more work to get an A. Not sure what your degree requirements are but neuropsych, neuropsychopharmacology, and cognitive psychology courses are 3 of the harder ones. There are vast amounts of information and detailed neuroanatomy you need to know and you really need to put in the effort. It's not a walk in the park for everyone. For that reason kin might be a slightly easier way but I guess at the end of the day it's all rela
  6. Brilliant book by the way. Corporate psychopathy and the dark triad are pretty unsettling.
  7. Yes. People lie on CASPer. People also lie on their medical school applications and even during interviews, I personally know 2 who did and got accepted! Sometimes medicine attracts the wrong types of people because of the earning potential some specialties have. Fact of life, it's unfair, it sucks, but it's the truth and on the bright side at least you can be happy about being surrounded by slightly less liars than in law school!
  8. Agree to disagree sounds good. Just because we have differing views doesn't mean we can't have a cordial discussion. It is a convoluted, grey topic anyway. I'm still in my undergrad, not going to be applying this cycle but appreciate the sentiment nonetheless. Best of luck at Queen's med.
  9. While I get what you're saying and I agree, (people who find this thread, don't ever ever go to medical school abroad without doing your research), my view is that if anything, I think the willingness to take such a risk and financial burden shows how dedicated they are to pursuing what they love and are passionate about. If they pass the necessary tests proving their competence to practice medicine, they should not be arbitrarily barred from having a better chance at a residency in their home nation.
  10. I never said Caribbean schools are reputable. If you read my comments earlier I mention this. This lawsuit likely won't go anywhere and I don't have much sympathy for people who choose to go to schools which are basically diploma mills. But that does not change my opinion that Canadians who study medicine abroad at *reputable schools (e.g. RCSI, Limerick, Melbourne, etc) are pushed into a difficult corner and something should be done about it when they want to return home.
  11. I feel like if I told someone who took on $300,000 of debt, worked their asses off for 4-6 years and successfully completed an accredited, reputable medical program that they need to now accept one path for them is closed, I would be viewed as a condescending, elitist asshole.
  12. That's not always realistic and you know that. If you have a 3.4 cGPA for instance, it's unlikely you can compensate for it with EC's. And time is a factor too. People have life plans. After enough rejections soon enough you find yourself in your late 20's or whatever and that is irritating if someone wants to settle down and have kids by their mid 30's, etc. If you spend 5 or 6 years applying to Canadian schools with no luck but RCSI for instance, accepts you then that is probably your only chance of becoming a doctor. The mentality of "tough luck, that's life" or telling someone to "pick an
  13. There should probably be an increase in residency spots then. Obviously that's easier said than done because of rampant bureaucracy and what not but having a person uproot their lives and be away from their families for years and years just because they did not have a good chance at home is not something I support.
  14. Yes, less defined and vague in terms of selection criteria is probably a more accurate description. That being said, Canada has a doctor shortage. We should not be sending Canadian IMG's down to the USA when our own population needs care (notably First Nations) especially in rural areas.
  15. That's fair enough but it's a tough spot to be in. The reality is individual circumstances really do play a key part to getting into a Canadian medical school. Not everyone can work, take care of their family, volunteer, do research and maintain a 3.8+. Even people who do have stellar grades sometimes get rejected. So going overseas after you've applied a certain number of years (let's say 3-4 years) is understandable in my view if you can't see yourself doing anything besides medicine. I agree with you though in the context of this news story. Going to an ultra low tier Caribbean school and n
  16. Agreed. That being said plenty of Canadians who study at reputable medical schools in Ireland, the UK or Australia for instance which are on par with Canadian/US quality of education do have difficulty returning sometimes and generally speaking don't match to many residencies outside of family med.
  17. You're correct it would be a challenge and would require some very good clinical and personality psychologists well professed in psychometrics to design something like that.
  18. Agreed with this. Becoming a successful Canadian medical school applicant has evolved into a standard formula and I think attracts the wrong type of people sometimes. There should be a heavier screening process for admission imo. Maybe even going as far as personality testing, CASper for every school would be a good start.
  19. Good catch. Maybe this is selfish but I hope the stats are incorrect and drop back to what it's been for the past few years lol. Also only 4 OOP students. That's depressing.
  20. Your MCAT is good enough for medical schools in Ireland/Australia/NZ as far as I know.
  21. If your Casper is good it's worth a shot in my opinion. Good GPA.
  22. For sure, I guess I was just curious if med schools view different types of research differently. I suppose since I'm coming from a non hard science background I just have so many doubts about my application.
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