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  1. Congratz to those receiving UBC Med interviews and those finishing their Dal & MUN interviews!! Fingers crossed for those still waiting for other Med, Dent, and Pharm interviews in the new years! Feel free to reach out to me for help on the UBC Med or other interviews to come Happy holidays everyone!
  2. Thanks to those who have reached out thus far! For those still considering, I am still able to help out a few more people before I begin my next year of med school! Message me for that last little push!!
  3. Hey everyone, It is that time of year again and I am happy to help with the Application Review or Exam Preparation!! Feel free to send me a message to learn more about my comprehensive service to help you with your journey into your dream school!
  4. You are correct, the instructions do not make sense/do not work. I called IT for them to explain it. I did it last week so hopefully my memory serves me correctly. Here is how you to it. 1. You need to first make a CWL (https://activate.id.ubc.ca/iamweb/). 2. Go through the steps until you reach password. Your password is your birthday (format YYMMDD).
  5. Dear Prospective Student, I am currently a medical student in Canada (UBC) and have been extremely successful and have been offered admission to Canadian medical, dental, and pharmacy programs (both as an In-Province and Out-of-Province applicant to various programs) and their respective MCAT, DAT, and PCAT. I am offering interview preparation (MMI, Panel, Traditional), CASPer (I score in the 90% percentile), Application Review, and exam preparation for $60/hour. Interview Preparation ($60/h) I have interviewed at variou
  6. Hi, I am selling my Brand New Doing Right 3rd Edition. I am in the Vancouver area. Please DM/PM me for details with an offer.
  7. Hi, Does anyone know when the UBC Dental Interview Weekend is? Does it take place Feb 17/18?
  8. Yeah, that's right. When you first open the pdf page, it is Feb 2017. Once you refresh the pdf page (https://www.cda-adc.ca/_files/becoming/dat/student_access/DAT-Score-Scale.pdf), it should magically change to the Nov 2017 scaled score.
  9. I reviewed the Kaplan book quickly but did all 10 Biology tests in the DAT Bootcamp. I scored 27, which is likely more attributed to my MSc.
  10. Thanks for the responses. How much of a boost does a Master's give? or is that unknown?
  11. Hi, I was also curious about the first question. Does anyone know if the UBC DAT stat is an average of AA+PAT, just AA, or some other combination? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I have 2 questions I cannot find the answer to online or on this forum. Does anyone know if the UofT admission stats are published or known for the recent years (or last year)? GPA average and DAT? Do they have cut-offs of sub-sections or do they just look at PAT and AA? Does anyone know how UofT will "advantage" someone who has completed their MSc? I hear there is some kind of GPA boost that previous or current grad students get. Thanks!
  13. For those who would like to improve on PAT, this resource was good enough for me to score 23 PAT!
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