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  1. Andysim, In my opinion, I don't feel a prep course is very necessary for the DAT (disclaimer: I enrolled in a prep course for the DAT last year but never completed it). Here are my reasons: -TIME--you will probably be busy studying for other courses since the DAT is held in Nov and Feb. Last year, I took a full course load and had to drop the prep course (and work) due to time constraints. I felt that practicing questions was more valuable and worth my time than attending the course. Also, my GPA needed to be a primary focus and so I did not want to lose crucial studying time. -SCI
  2. Well I'm on the waitlist for U of M but if I am offered an acceptance I will be dropping it in favour of U of A. All the best!
  3. Thanks. Looks like they were sent out at noon today. Congrats to those who got accepted! I got waitlisted but am OOP..
  4. Hello, For those of us who interviewed at U of M, when should we expect offers of admission to be sent out?
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