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  1. If 10 people reported being accepted initially when we know 100+ offers went out, it's not far off to say that 4 people reported coming off the waitlist as a representation of say 40+.
  2. Based on this review, we are unable to offer you a position at this time, however, your name has been included on our waiting list. That's what mine said.
  3. I hear you bro. This wait is taking years off my life.
  4. I asked this morning and they said their policy prohibits any info about the wait list. You know to be honest since fewer and fewer users use this site anymore I feel all offers have been made since last week. The 3 people who reported getting off the wait list could represent a fair chunk of wait list movement if only about 10/100+ people reported actual offers on May 10th. I also want to be blindly optimistic, but there really doesnt seem to be any reason why they would be holding out.
  5. TIME STAMP: 9:02 am Result: Waitlisted wGPA: 3.86 cGPA: 3.86 MCAT: 127/126/128/127 ECs. Teaching, Research, 1 pub, volunteering, student club exec, etc. Pretty average. Year: Finished UG Queens was always a long shot. Don't even know how I got the interview in the first place, but congrats to all accepted and best wishes to those on the waitlist!
  6. Same here. Don't think I did enough to be in that 90 group. But honestly I think it's unfair to judge ourselves post interview since we probably wouldn't have done anything differently.
  7. Same here. I don't know what reality we are in anymore.
  8. Yea man this is insane. I have a 126 in CARS. I feel like they may just let us go to interviews with the intention of rejecting us from the start. There is no way this can be fair in either case.
  9. Happened to me right now. Got an interview invitation, then a rejection 20 mins later. I've been trying to confirm, but no reply. I'm sure its a mistake though since there is no way I could have gotten an interview with my MCAT and it would be unfair for me to get one seeing these stellar applicants with great profiles get rejected.
  10. In the ABS research section, how can we enter our publication info so that they know its legit? Like there seems to be no way I can enter a citation or even the full exact title due to the character limits, but I also don't want to sound vague and say: Title: Rat stress tests Type of publication: published in neurocience. Your role: wrote the paper. How can I provide information that actually tells them my paper exists?
  11. I took 5 courses every semester (full load) and 6 courses in my last semester for fun and every year my GPA was relativley the same, I really didn't have any particularly good or bad years over my 4 year undergrad. Year 1: 3.9 Year 2: 3.94 Year 3: 3.87 Year 4: 3.94 Which schools do you think I should apply to given my GPA and recent MCAT prelim scores (previous post)?
  12. Well I got my percentiles back and they don't seem to be that different than my past MCAT attempts. I will know for sure this Tuesday when I get the actual scores. Chem/Phys: 74-89% CARS: 65-80% Bio: 82-97% Psyche: 70-85% Total: 74-84% In any case, I'm not trying to come off as pessimistic, but when I called the American Med schools (Wayne State and MSU) last year after a rejection with a 3.91 cGPA and a 28 MCAT, they said that if I wanted to have a shot I needed well above the 80th percentile on my next MCAT attempt.
  13. Hey Everyone! I've applied to Canadian Schools twice and American Medical Schools once and have never gotten any interviews. With my GPA and MCAT I think I am going to apply to apply to the Carribean if I dont get any interviews this cycle, but I wanted to maximize my chances, but am unsure of what schools would be the best suit for my stats. cGPA = sGPA = 3.91 MCAT: 1) 24 (10PS/6VR/8BS) 2) 28 (11PS/6VR/11BS) 3) 28 (11PS/8VR/9BS) 4) Awaiting marks, but I suspect around (125 PS/124CARS/124 BS/ 123 PSY) ECs: Long term hospital volunteering, volunteering with for homeless peo
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