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  1. Can confirm CIBC at ubc is offering prime -0.25%. I'll check whether it's during the whole term of school and residency.
  2. I see high performance as "in this specific field, are you the top 1%?" For sports "Did you play in a semi-pro league or compete in the Olympics." I don't think a black belt hits that. If you participated in international competitions probably. You don't need to put anything in there. Plenty of people don't and get in. People who do put it in don't always get in. Just be genuine.
  3. Bought off craigslist a cheap Thinkpad X200 that I plan to swap out for a SSD. Pen is super responsive and has great performance for a business-end laptop released in the late 2009s. Didn't want frills since I have another machine to do the high end things I need like play the latest games.
  4. No he means that if you presented it you can put it in. If you only have an abstract without actually presenting it you don't put it in. So don't put it in if you didn't present it. How difficult is this to understand? Abstracts are published by conferences all the time. Doesn't mean that UBC considers them to be a substantial publication. In fact, academia in general doesn't consider it a publication at all. No one will put it in their publication list when applying for academic jobs; they'll have it in their presentation section if they presented it.
  5. My philosophy was to make sure that my app was as easy to read as possible for the adcom, which meant not using too many abbreviations (or making sure that I had the full name and then brackets around the abbreviation) and not cutting corners on legibility, which meant no symbols etc. The position title should impart to the adcom a degree of involvement in said activity and your description should aim to clarify it. For example, I was on the executive team for a conference, which implied leadership and a certain degree of responsibility for setting up said conference. I used the descriptio
  6. Did you present the posters/oral talks for which you submitted abstracts for? Yes: Put it under presentations No: Don't include it. Source: UBC AdCom when I applied last year.
  7. Hi guys, I went to go talk with RBC and they obviously were willing to approve a LOC. However, they were only willing to waive 1 year of the fee for their premium CC. WOuld it be worth it to switch my banking to Scotia (given that they offer to waive all years during med school and res) just for this one thing? Thanks
  8. I almost turned down my offer. However it wasn't to go to a better medical school but to pursue something else instead. I would say that unless you have some significant factor that prevents you from enrolling (family issues etc) I would enroll if your desire is to study and practice medicine.Most, if not all, medical schools in Canada are excellent and you'll have plenty of opportunities to pursue medicine there.
  9. You probably won't get a U of T interview unless they really like an aspect of your application. Not trying to offend, just being realistic. I had a greater research component to my application and ECs with greater length but slightly lower grades and didn't get considered for an interview in the graduate stream. You'll be an excellent candidate to get an interview from UBC. Your ECs lengths may hurt you but you still tick off a lot of the boxes that they're looking for. You'll probably be in the lower quadrant of applicants with interviews so make sure to show your "intangibles" during th
  10. Is it best to get a LOC ASAP or can I wait until I need a LOC? I'll be able to pay for everything in Year 1 through provincial student loans and through savings but most likely will require loans from a bank in Year 2. Is it worth it to get a LOC established now (due to benefits, prime interest rate possibly going up, etc) or can I just put it off a year until I need it? Cheers
  11. You have a similar application like me except I had more extracurriculars and you had better grades. I got in after my MSc. You should have a decent shot though I don't know how much emphasis is put on extracurriculars in ON med schools. If it's greater than grades, then not good. Equal = good.
  12. You basically had my stats in undergrad but with a GPA ~0.15 lower. I didn't even receive an interview from UBC that year. Work for a 3.95+ GPA in your fourth year and hope that WGPA comes into play for several schools for the cycle after. You probably will need to take a fifth year.
  13. BIOL 140 was probably the worst class I ever took except for one literature course in my entire undergrad. I learned very little from that course. It was supposed to teach experimental design and writing. Literally none of that came in handy in my years of undergraduate and masters studies in organic and biological chemistry. I guess if you're going to do some major in zoology it might come in use???? It also took the most amount of work trying to prepare presentations and write these wholly useless "experimental" papers. Would wholeheartedly endorse doing it later unless you need it f
  14. Not sure how being iffy about wearing a backpack makes me not proud of becoming a doctor. It just appears that medical school students keep going great lengths to try to differentiates themselves from everyone else in the university. That's certainly the impression a lot of people have anyways. I'm sorry that I appear pretentious because I'm iffy about wearing apparel that tries its hardest to differentiate the wearer from everyone else.
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