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  1. Of course I am, half of them of complete morons. The difference is that I have seen them (try to) write. Obviously my argument is not that you have to treat everyone like a delicate flower. It's gross to assume that attending a university is proof that you can write well, and anyone who hasn't is lacking that proof. Passing enough classes to get a degree doesn't prove anything, and it is pretentious to talk about a university degree as any sort of indication of intelligence.
  2. All you did in that wall of text was double down on the untrue and obnoxious assumption you made: If someone has gone to university then you can trust that they write well. If they haven't then who knows, you'd need proof to confirm it.
  3. Seriously? Half the people majoring in Biology at my school could barely write in coherent sentences. Going to university does not mean that you can write well, nor does it mean that you're particularly intelligent. That's such an out-dated and obnoxious assumption. I can't imagine how pretentious and condescending you're going to act if you get into med school.
  4. My name is NotASerialKiller and I approve this message.
  5. Why gap years? Unless last year was a fluke, if you do even one more year of classes you'll have a great GPA for the 'last two years' schools, and additional years at 3.9+ will only increase your chances. You can volunteer while doing that.
  6. Quebec tuition is by a vast gulf of a margin the cheapest in North America, you do not have to feel guilty about spending money beyond food and shelter. Unless you've blown through your line of credit on a sports car, or have had to support a family throughout med school, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to go on a trip.
  7. Oh, sorry I thought you'd have mentioned if you worked. That actually changes a lot, at the end of the day what ECs/volunteering show is that you can handle getting a high GPA while pursuing other interests as well. While it'll still be good to get some volunteering done, if you had to work a significant number of hours/week to pay for your education then it'll be understandable why you couldn't participate in other ECs. It's really a matter of work/ECs/volunteering, so if you have one that demanded a huge portion of your time (ex: working to pay tuition, high level athlete, running your own c
  8. Right, I forgot that Mac doesn't look at your ABS pre-interview either. So if the OP does well on CARS then Mac might be possible, and if the entire MCAT goes really well add Western. It's just that no school that looks at your ABS (or your resume for OOP) would be possible right now. ECs/volunteering should be your biggest priority for the next couple years, while working or taking an extra year if your GPA isn't there.
  9. I'm not trying to be a downer, but if you actually have NO volunteering or ECs then it's not a matter of getting in your first try, you won't get in at all. Those are massively important parts of your application. It's not some "Oh it'll be a bit harder if you have no volunteering or ECs" thing, you're dead in the water without them. Ottawa requires that all of that stuff is done during your undergrad, so if this is your last year you should try to pack plenty of things in if you want a chance there. I think other schools would be fine with you doing that stuff after. But you're going to b
  10. Please don't start a second understand if you don't get med-school quality grades this upcoming year. If you feel that you've tried your hardest and just can't get the marks, then this might not be the path for you. The fact is that you won't be competitive even if you get 90s this year, but only after you give it your all and get great marks should you start considering doing extra years. Right now you only have one job, ace your classes in your last year to prove to yourself that you can handle it. If you're able to do that, then great start planning. If not, don't bang your head against
  11. Well we're veering away from the thread topic but I think the OP has his answer so that's probably fine. I always just assumed that with the recent (past few decades) push to have everyone capable of going to university doing so, most girls have been going right out of high school. A chunk of 18-year-old boys, however, are attracted to trades and want to work in those fields. Because trades have had a harder time attracting women, (probably because they're still generally seen as male professions, for whatever reason) the proportion of female students in university has risen. And then
  12. It's not about affirmative action, but vet school classes are generally 80%+ female. It's definitely an easier path applying as a man because regardless of policies, they don't want a one gender profession. Medicine there is generally a female skew in the applicants, and therefore there is sometimes a female skew in the actual classes.
  13. You're worried about being discriminated against as a guy? That's absurd. If anything when there are significantly more competitive female applicants it becomes easier for males, like with vet school. With medicine it's not anywhere near as bad as that, so if there are more women in a class all that means is that more women decided to accept offers there.
  14. No one can really expect to get in any given year, but if you're committed to applying for 2-3 years potentially, you should expect to stay.
  15. Eloquence is not the name of the game. Point form, abbreviations, you do what you can to cram as much as possible into a tiny amount of space.
  16. That question can [should] definitely relate to something listed on your primary. Just don't re-word what you wrote, briefly bring it up and then the rest of the prompt can be about how it affected you using specific examples, which you probably don't have on your primary. It depends on how long the prompt response can be, but it shouldn't be hard to discuss it in a way that is distinct from your primary listing.
  17. They already have your primary, try to come up with something new to say. It can relate to something you already brought up on your primary, but I wouldn't use the exact same spin on the exact same experience.
  18. People usually do it then because they've just finished taking all of the courses it's based on so it will be at its freshest. Not a big deal to do it later, you just might have forgotten a bit more of the physics if you took it in 1st year.
  19. That's pretty much the standard, studying for it during the summer after 2nd year.
  20. The good thing about BMI is that it's easy to calculate. Other than that it's pretty lousy, can't tell muscle apart from fat, doesn't account for sex etc. etc.
  21. Prestige is a silly reason to choose a career path. Figure out what work you'll actually enjoy.
  22. So was the Bohr model of the atom. Historical steps taken in understanding the world can be useful tools. Like the old saying goes, we stand on the shoulders of coke-heads with bizarre fixations on genitals.
  23. Does it work in batches? Maybe for the absolutely earliest ones, but other than that it's a rolling process. If you're submitting later (July-August) it can take up to a month, mid June will most likely be less than that. There's a thread on SDN that tracks when people submit and when they're verified, you should check that out to see for sure what's happening this year, it's never guaranteed to be the same.
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