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  1. do you know the date that early acceptances are out on?
  2. IP GPA 3.95 DAT 72/90 Interview 37/49 I think I have a really good shot this year -- can anyone give their opinion? I don't want to start finding places to live and not get in lol
  3. can someone confirm for me if U of A only looks at your RC/MDT/DAT scores? They don't care about your science scores at all?? (what about aa?)
  4. i emailed u of a and u of m and they both said that they don't care -- so I guess it's fine
  5. I recently switched out of my specialization -- as a result I can't really take a lot of 300 level courses in my new program since I'm missing the required prereqs. So now my fall courseload is 3 courses at my level (300) and my winter courseload is 1 course at my level. Is this bad and will it affect my chances of getting in? I'm applying this year!
  6. A lot of the material suggested here are geared towards the american dat (dat bootcamp/dat destroyer for example). However, I know that the style of questions (and material perhaps?) is different between the canadian and american dat. So for those who have taken the canadian dat (or know the style of questions) asked, what are the main differences? I think reading comprehension has a different question style between the canadian and american dat? And what materials should I be using to prepare myself for the canadian dat? Thanks!
  7. okay but he's asking if he can use the 2014 or 2015 version of tpr
  8. Okay so I'll skip the long/convoluted story of why exactly it's really hard for me to job shadow right now before I apply to dental this year. But just know that job shadowing is almost virtually out of the question for me right now. I have a very good idea of what it's like being a dentist but I know that american DAT schools almost require job shadowing, but I don't think this is the case for canada. Will this negatively impact my ability to go to dental school? I mean as in will this negatively impact my application process at all? Will interviewers literally ask me if I've done job shadow
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