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  1. Hello. I'm sorry if it's the Nth time this question has been asked but I really couldn't find any satisfactory answers. What happens when you apply to second round of Carms if you're already in a program currently? Do you need to negotiate your release or anything like that? Thanks.
  2. Anatomical Pathology: UManitoba (Mar 23) McMaster (March 19) Family Medicine: Western (March 20), Dalhousie (March 20), MUN (March 20), McGill (Gatineau, March 20), Laval (March 20), NOSM (March 21) (USASK, March 23), Ottawa (Community, March 23), McGill (Val d'Or, March 23), Sherbrooke (March 23), Calgary rural (March 24), McMaster (March 24), Calgary city (March 24), Montreal (March 24) General Pathology :McMaster (March 20), Alberta (March 23), Calgary (March 23), Dalhousie (March 24) General Surgery: (Manitoba March 24) Hematological Pathology: Internal Medic
  3. I'm having my McGill FM interviews today. I received all of the other Quebec FM invites too.
  4. I'm sorry but I didn't use step up at all so I can't really say. But if you feel that it covers the objectives as listed by MCC then you should be good.
  5. I was talking more about the objectives as outlined by the MCC website. https://www.mcc.ca/objectives/expert/
  6. I didn't use Uworld so I can't tell you about it. I used the Essentials only for peds because the TNotes seemed too arduous for peds and internal. A somewhat arbitrary choice tbh but I think it did the job for me. There are a lot of resources and they're probably quite interchangeable. At the end of the day it's up to you to choose. Some people I know read the entire TN and some people did thousands of Qbanks. I'd still recommend guiding your studies with the objectives to avoid wasting time. Also, I went to UdeM what about you?
  7. Congrats on getting to the last sprint! For resources, I mostly used TNotes + Essentials for the Canadian Medical Licensing Exam (for peds) and my own notes for internal med (way too long in TNotes). Some of my classmates used TNotes, some used essentials, some did a lot of QBanks. QBanks is nice (I actually did a bunch) because it's interactive but tbh most of the questions weren't representative of what we ended up getting. I downloaded all the objectives and went over them during my studies to make sure I covered them. I studied 1-1.5 months I don't really remember. I was doi
  8. Félicitation! Je suis de la promo 2019 (accepté après un bac connexe) et j'ai fait mes 2 ans de pré-clinique à TR. Si tu n'arrives pas à faire l'échange maintenant, tu peux switch après pré-med. Il y a beaucoup de monde qui le font. Tu peux aussi switch après pré-clinique comme j'avais fait. Il faut juste que tu trouves quelqu'un du campus de Montréal pour échanger avec toi. Sinon, c'est vraiment bien à TR. Petite cohorte, appartement affordable proche du campus. Pi c'est pas trop loin. Je revenais à Montreal presque toutes les fins de semaine en covoiturage.
  9. If I can't change and have to go, I'll go. I have no doubt that the education there is top notch and apparently they have dissection labs whereas Montreal doesn't, which is a major plus. However, I'm from Montreal so it would be much much more convenient for me to stay. Plus, I don't have my full license yet let alone a car to return to Montreal to see my family. Also I'd need to spend quite a bit more there for renting and transport.
  10. Bonjour tout le monde. Je suis présentement accepté en médecine au campus de Mauricie (bac connexe). J'aimerais savoir s'il y a quelqu'un qui voudrait changer de Montréal à Mauricie et qui voudrait changer avec moi. Merci.
  11. Je suis 13eme sur la LA universitaire connexe. Donc je suis le prochain. Savez vous quand et si ils vont envoyer une nouvelle vague d'offre? Et felicitations a ceux et celles qui sont admis!
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