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  1. Don't worry, as long as they can understand the idea of your sentences/response you'll be fine.
  2. It's unlikely they'll change it given they've already posted information on their website for the upcoming cycle. Any changes to admission criteria is usually posted in advance of the upcoming cycle but I suppose nothing is impossible. That's good news about your test though, keep up the positive attitude and things will work out.
  3. Doesn't look that way to me: http://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/md-program-admissions/how-we-select/selecting-our-students
  4. I might be mistaken, I can't seem to find them either even though I remember viewing a document last year. Either way, treat your interview like it's worth 100% and you'll be fine. At this point it's the only portion of your application that you have any control over changing anyways.
  5. Interview makes up a heavy majority of your score, do well on it and you will have a good chance of acceptance. Take a look at their posted stats for the incoming class for an idea of chances.
  6. Look at all the schools' requirements. As of last year although the application was due Oct 1, the MCAT scores weren't due until Oct 31. I know because I got an e-mail from OMSAS last year on Oct 29 essentially saying "we haven't received your scores yet so you might want to hurry up".
  7. http://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/md-program-admissions/how-we-select/selecting-our-students
  8. Completely dependent on your CASPer. Keep in mind to my knowledge McMaster only uses LORs as a rule in/out basis. Good luck.
  9. Just like anything in life, people have different interests. Some people love to travel, some love fine food, others love to have a beautiful home, while some people would love to have the car of their dreams in their garage. Of course some will buy them as a status symbol but those who truly love cars see it more as a labour of love rather than an annoyance. Keep in mind, these cars would probably be used on the weekends for all the reasons brought up before (too high profile, too expensive to maintain and run all the time etc.) so they won't be seeing as much wear and tear as your daily driv
  10. If you're looking for a dedicated laptop I also recommend the XPS 13; very light, very thin, great battery life (~10-11 hours), 8 GB of RAM and the newest generation i5 processor for about $1100 from the microsoft store (even less if you apply the student discount). There is a touch screen version of the laptop but it is not a laptop-tablet hybrid so if you really are looking for that you'll have to look elsewhere.
  11. I haven't heard of that happening either and I don't think they can.
  12. They finally changed it? Yea, as of last year they were still hard copies snail mailed into OMSAS so it's about time they got with the times. I really don't understand why they haven't done this sooner since it's just so much faster, more organized and cuts down on a lot of manual processing time. This will save many applicants and referees the heartache of seeing "outstanding" on some of their reference letters when they were sent in on time.
  13. Yea as a previous poster said, the bought resources are usually the best with the AAMC tests I found being the most similar to what I saw on test day (although I did take the previous MCAT so I was dealing with resources for VR, not CARS). I'm not sure if the prep companies are still doing this but when I took a prep course they gave us access to a whole bunch of Kaplan-made timed VR sections you could work through as well. I'm sure if you want some material you can look at those companies (TPR, Kaplan etc.) and see if you can buy a block of CARS practice sections to work on. I found Kaplan's
  14. Complete a full length scored CARS section and see where your score falls first. Some people don't need much time to practice because they are already close to their goal and others need time to bring up their score.
  15. Even if you ignore the fact that not everyone wants an expensive/high profile car, cars like that require a lot of upkeep. Cars of that caliber are money sinks and you really have to have the money and passion for the car to maintain it properly. To most it's just not worth it to throw a couple hundred thousand dollars at a depreciating asset that will only cost you more money as you use it. I'm also ignoring the quoted average incomes that you mentioned as I'm no expert on earnings of physicians but I feel those numbers are a bit on the higher side of things.
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