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  1. Did anyone from the waitlist that got an offer from Mac's OT having issues accepting the offer on ORPAS? My ORPAS offers/choices appearing blank under Mac's OT. But Mac's Mosaic shows an offer with a green check.
  2. Hi! Thanks for creating the FB group. However, when I enter it on the search bar, it doesn't show up. :s are you able to post here a Facebook link of the group? Edit: Never mind. It showed up after I refreshed the page few times.
  3. Mac's OT!! All the best everyone. Waiting is hard but hopefully it will be over sooner than later.
  4. I would love to know aswell. Would you mind sharing what's your waitlist position?
  5. Hey, I could be wrong about this but I think you can expect some waitlist movements after June 1, which is ORPAS deadline for first round of offers. I'm guessing there are applicants at UofA that have accepted offers but their first choices maybe Ontario OT schools. I'm waitlisteded at McMaster and I am also anxiously waiting for the waitlist to move. All the best.
  6. I know how you feel!! I'm so done with this unfair admission systemn Canadian schools are ridiculously difficult to get into and my only comfort is that I am not alone in this mess. This year I got waitlisted at McMaster OT and I am hopeful but I have zero faith in the system. It's causing me too much anxiety. I do have a full-time job but OT is what I want to do. I understand your frustration. Many people don't even know their career passion and I am glad you know what you want. So please don't give up and hopefully you will get to make an informed decision. Also, all the best for Dal OT. I'm
  7. Do you know your waitlist position? That's a big amount of money on the line :S
  8. I'm #1 on McMaster's OT waitlist. Goodness lol. I feel hopeful but can't rest until the actual waitlist movements start. From what I hear, all schools send out additional admission offers in anticipation of first-rounds of offers being declined and only then they move on to the waitlist. I'm reapplying this year and generally many people get admisison offer from the waitlist, so there's hope. June 1st is the deadline for people that got first round of offers. So we should get an update around that time. Fingers crossed and all the best!!
  9. I can understand. I am on the same boat with Western :/. I would say contact them. If you get a response then you might get an explanation. I say worth contacting them and take your chances.
  10. Yes! Same. I got waitlisted at McMaster #1 lol rejected from UofT :S not even a waitlist offer. Seems bit odd. I'll be happy with any OT admisison offer. I just need 1 offer anyways.
  11. Did you get an email offer from Queen's? Nvm, just saw your reply above. And congratulations!!
  12. Anyone with multiple OT offers planning on declining McMaster's offer? Lol I'm #1 on the waitlist.
  13. Sorry it was for Mac. I added more info. I totally know the frustration of not being able to meet the cutoffs but don't give up if you know what your dream career is. The system is unfair.
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