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  1. Does anybody have insight into the extent to which USMLE scores actually are taken into consideration for competitive fellowships in the US? Everybody I've talked to has said I should just aim to Pass, which is really where my head is at these days in the lead up to Step 2, since I am totally spent after stressful carms match & now the jumbled dates with the MCCQE1.
  2. Got an status update for ophtho today ~3pm EST but having log in troubles and going crazy. Can anybody comment on what was just released?
  3. Did anybody get an email offer from Ottawa ophthalmology or just status update?
  4. Can somebody clean up ophtho? Seems like some misplaced stuff.
  5. Do interviews come out on weekends as well? Some programs are reporting they will inform candidates on a given date (which falls on a weekend).
  6. Some neurology interviews trickling in, albeit slowly, it seems. Any word on ophthalmology?
  7. nothing from neurology or ophthalmology yet as far as I can tell. Unsure how similar the dates for interviews to go out are from year to year. Apparently some have heard back from orthopedics from east coast schools earlier last week.
  8. Hello all, A quick question now that CaRMS online is open. Can you have the same referee write 2 different letters - one specific and one generic? For example, if the referee is based at a given program / department, can they write one letter which supports your application to THAT school in particular, and then a separate letter which generically supports a broad-based application to all other programs? Thanks
  9. Hi all I was looking through these charts on the carms site. I'm wondering if anybody can explain the Chart #5 (Average Number of Electives Taken by Matched CMGs) https://www.carms.ca/data-reports/r1-data-reports/electives This chart shows the "average number of electives taken by CMG who matched to a Canadian program in first iteration". However, the numbers don't seem to make a lot of sense to me. If you pick any field, let's say OBGYN, it shows the avg number of electives taken in the matched discipline is 3.6 and the average number of electives taken in different fields
  10. I have heard that the incoming 4th year classes (across the country I believe?) are moving towards an 8 week elective cap in every first-entry discipline. I've already selected my electives for the coming academic year (which was not subjected to the 8 week cap) I am wondering if having 12 weeks or so in a single specific field would now be looked at as a disadvantage by programs? Thanks for any insight. JD
  11. Hi all, I'm not from the area so don't know the geography well - I am hoping somebody from the region will be able to lend their perspective to this: I have a 2 week 4th year elective at McMaster in a field where the hours are likely going to be 7am-5 / 8am-6 with minimal call expected. I have a friend who lives in downtown Toronto who has offered their place to stay. I am trying to minimize costs associated with renting, as 4th year expenses are already accumulating in a big way. How possible would it be to drive in to Hamilton (St Josephs) every day from Toronto? Thanks
  12. Hi all, Can anybody suggest any resources that might be good prep for clerkship in general? My plan is to re-read some of the key texts we did in pre-clerkship (clinical skills, basic pathophys, etc) but any additional clerkship-prep resources people have found helpful would be awesome. Cheers A
  13. Hello I have a research opportunity for a first yr medical student. I have conducted a systematic review, with a poster that has been accepted a major ophtho conference in Toronto in May of this year. I am curious to know if anybody would be willing to help with designing the poster, (ie, mostly aesthetic / synthesizing / organizing info that is readily available from the paper that was written), as well as attending the conference to set it up / take it down. The lead investigators would go through the basics of the systematic review so you are familiar with it. Your name would be a
  14. Hi all Does anybody have any good suggestions for textbooks to learn actual medicine / clinical reasoning? Moving into clerkship in September, and trying to find good resources that integrate a bit of clinical presentation with patho/pathophys with differential diagnosis construction, and therapeutics. A tall order, I am sure. The bulk of my reading has been piecemeal, ie Guyton &Hall for physiology, Robbins for pathology, Bates for physical exam, etc.... just looking for a good set of resources that links it all together. I have heard Cecils is Good, and Harrisons
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