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  1. @Maverick congrats on your interviews! Can you clarify this? 3-7 interviews or 3-7 more than you or less than you?
  2. I thought this would defeat the purpose though. The whole point of selecting letters was that you would choose based on your gut reaction as opposed to seeing the content and choosing the strongest ones for the second iteration. I am afraid if we see them, they would force us to submit new "unseen" letters for the second iteration.
  3. If we see the letters now, then are we still able to select from these letters for the second iteration, if need be?
  4. So to clarify, can I ask CaRMS to see the submitted reference letters now, or should I wait until the match is over?
  5. Anatomical Pathology: Anesthesiology: Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Diagnostic Radiology: Emergency Medicine: Family Medicine: General Pathology: Calgary (Feb 9) General Surgery: MUN (Feb 9) Hematological Pathology: Internal Medicine: Medical Genetics and Genomics: Calgary(Feb 10) Medical Microbiology: Neurology: Neurology - Paediatric: Alberta (Feb 9) Neuropathology: Neurosurgery: Saskatchewan (Feb 11) Nuclear Medicine: Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Ophthalmology: Orthopaedic
  6. As someone who also struggled a lot to get started on the personal letters due to lack of motivation, I will say that it becomes much easier once you jot down something. Try to start with some bullet points, just brainstorm your thoughts, then organize them into categories and themes, then form proper sentences, etc. It becomes easier once you get started on them. And make sure your proofread to catch any typos. Best of luck!
  7. Just adhere to the word count. It's not worth the risk
  8. Have there been any talks of pulling out med students from rotations at any of the schools in Canada given the exponential rise in cases?
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