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  1. Thanks, this is very helpful. A couple of follow-up questions if you don't mind. Do programs really have specific research focus? I thought they all support the residents in whatever topic the learner's interested in. Also, how would you choose and talk about the specific people that you'd like to work with, without actually visiting the program and working with those people
  2. I'm applying for a medium-large sized specialty across the country and I'm confused about how to address the "Why our school" question for OOP programs. These are programs that I have not done electives at due to COVID and do not have any ties to but would still prefer to go to than going unmatched. On paper, all these programs appear more or less identical to me. They all boast about their "diverse patient population, good research, good teaching, emphasis on wellness, fun city, etc", So I feel like my "Why our school" answer is becoming very generic and cliche since I cannot personalize it w
  3. Just adhere to the word count. It's not worth the risk
  4. I am considering sending my personal statements to my referees (along with CV, etc of course), to help them write a more personalized reference letter. However, I am worried that the letter may end up having some commonalities with my personal statement and the programs may think that I wrote the reference letters myself. Am I overthinking this? Do people usually send personal statements to referees or just the CV, etc?
  5. Have there been any talks of pulling out med students from rotations at any of the schools in Canada given the exponential rise in cases?
  6. I meant after the first round.. The website only has the data for after the second round.
  7. I am a UBC student interested in IM and I want to do an OOP IM elective (CTU, C/T or subspecialty) at U of Ottawa I do not have any contacts at U of Ottawa, so do not know too much about these electives. So was wondering if anybody has heard anything good or bad about U of Ottawa CTU, Consult/Triage or subspecialty electives (Resp, GI, Cardio, Rheum, Endo, Palliative, etc) that they dont mind sharing. Thanks in advance!
  8. I also recommend Western over Queens based on what you said about Vancouver. Which Ottawa subspecialty elective are you considering?
  9. Are any of these available to current scotia LOC holders that signed up 2+ years ago? Or do we need to switch to another bank and switch back to scotia to qualify for these offers?
  10. Is it gonna be no annual fee forever or just for a year/a few years? And did you have the choice to go with any of RBC's premium cards?
  11. Oh you probably got it when they were offering the "First year no annual fee" promo. I dont think banks would give premium cards for no annual fee to us just because we're medical students without signing an LOC with them.
  12. I was asking mcatthrow101 since he/she got the premium credit card for no annual fee WITHOUT having an LOC with RBC just by stating he/she's a medical student as he/she claims. I am aware you can get a credit card with no AF with an LOC with RBC or Scotia but thanks.
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