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  1. One of my classmates called CPSO. Our license number is the same as our AP number but the AP will disappear on July 1st. Our licenses will officially be granted July 1st, on that day we will appear in their find a doctor search on the website. So basically if it says certificate granted and you've paid the additional fee, you're good to go!
  2. I got my email from CPSO this am. It wasn't anything special, there was no link in it. It just told me to go to the website and start an application. I'm not sure why we needed to wait for that?!?
  3. I emailed CARMS helpdesk requesting my CASPER score via a freedom of information request. I rec'd an email back stating that they would send me the requested information within 4 weeks. I did not request anything other than CASPER, i'm not sure how much they are required to share.
  4. Don't get sucked in too far with this and do not show you will need more than $275K before graduation in your budgets. RBC did the same thing to me last year, I am a mature student with a family so when working through my loan they also asked me to give a detailed budget and also strongly encouraged me to ask for more than the max if I thought I'd need it. So I laid out a 6 year budget (4 school years + residency (i'm planning on doing family), my budget showed I would feel more comfortable with a $300-350K max. Then after being reviewed by whoever actually approves the loan, the RBC adviso
  5. There will be an information session in the fall once you start school about how and when to apply for NOSM bursaries.
  6. I'm hoping some upper year students can provide some insight into which laptop best suits a NOSM student. The technology handout they sent us with our package lists minimum vs recommended specs for a laptop. Then lists MacBook Pro, Dell Latitude E5450 or 7450 or Microsoft Surface Pro 3 of 4 as their recommended makes/models. If someone could share the pros and cons of what they have used so far I'd appreciate it. I'm mostly interested in durability/function. I'd rather buy something that will last vs something cheap. Thanks!
  7. I second the "join the facebook group" comment. I had a friend facebook stalk it to see what an outside could see as I hadn't told a few people yet when I joined it. If she went searching for the group using the exact name she could see I was a member but couldn't see any content. If she just did random searches for NOSM it didn't come up. And nothing showed in my feed or her feed about joining. I've found an apartment for the fall through the group and it's fun to start to make early connections with our classmates. The upper year students have been super warm and welcoming and many
  8. Time Stamp:09:47 am Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Accepted! GPA: 4.0 (3.82 + 0.2 Masters) ECs: Varied. Mature student. Work, volunteer with Minor Hockey, Summer camps etc Decision (will you accept your offer)? Yes! Campus: East
  9. Interview day I felt good, thought some of the stations were a bit fun actually. Since then I waver back and forth on what I said etc, what I may have done differently. The usual anxiety associated with putting ourselves out there. I'll be very glad when May 10th comes!
  10. I wouldn't stress or read too much into who has had their verifiers called or not called. At the info session last summer, the admission staff was pretty clear that it was somewhat random. Said they were looking for red flags/dishonesty.
  11. I know one of my verifiers was contacted last week. It was my employer and they just wanted to know if I worked there and what my role was. Nothing too in-depth. 16 more days to go!
  12. I felt like it went well overall. Hard to know what they are expecting though. It was surprisingly fun once I settled in. Good luck to all of the interviewees! Only 35 days of waiting left!
  13. Timestamp: 12:57pm Interview: Yes!! GPA: 3.82+.02 (Masters) = 4.0 Context: Born in No; Lived in rural NO for the past 15 years ECs: Varied volunteer activities Non-trad?: Yes, definitely non-trad # of previous applications: 0 Interview Location/Date/Time: Sudbury, April 3rd 1pm Good luck to all invited!
  14. Last year it appears they were sent out on Jan 20th if you look at the interview invite thread. Hopefully the timeline is similar this year, but you are correct that the NOSM website indicates February.
  15. After you submit your app when you log back in to OMSAS there is link to "verify the receipt of your application fees, MCAT scores, references or transcripts"
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