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  1. This is tragic and horrifying. What kind of safety measures can and do family clinics implement to make it safer to see patients? At least in hospitals there is security as well as other healthcare professionals close by and potentially violent/psychotic patients can be identified and have their belongings taken away.
  2. Hi everyone, I want to do a family medicine elective and was hoping for some recommendations. As I'm sure we all know, electives and preceptors can vary quite a bit. I was wondering if anyone has had a great experience at a family medicine elective with a kind preceptor. Feel free to send me a private message as well! I'm quite open to any location in Canada but leaning more towards Ontario Sask Alberta and BC. Thank you!
  3. late to post… Result: Accepted Time stamp: 8:59am May 9th cGPA: 3.90 Year: graduated UG MCAT: 516 (127 CARS) EC: Lots of community volunteering, research, and other things like sports and travel Interview: MMI was ok- some stations went well, a couple were not the best. Panel felt good. Still deciding whether to accept. I interviewed at Queens last year, was waitlisted and didn't get in. Hang in there if you’re on the waitlist; there is still hope and if it’s not your year keep trying! I met a lot of med students at the interview who had a
  4. Hi all, I was accepted to Queens and UofA and I’m so grateful and excited. However, I'm having such a tough time deciding which to choose! Both seem like great programs and places to live. I hope someone can help me with one main concern I have with studying medicine in Kingston. It’s a much smaller place than Edmonton with fewer hospitals. I still have no idea what kind of medicine I want to practice and I was hoping I could shadow various types of physicians before clerkship. Does living in a smaller place mean less opportunities to shadow various specialists? Do many students have to com
  5. Result: Accepted! IP GPA: 3.95 Year: graduated UG MCAT: 516 EC: Lots of community volunteering, research, and other things like sports and travel Casper: Thought it was horrible MMI: Felt really good. Very nice people and atmosphere So excited and still in disbelief. I was rejected from a couple schools post-interview last year and was really discouraged. This time around, I practiced for interviews a lot and I think this is what made the difference for me. If you received regrets, don’t give up if it’s something you truly want. Hard work eventu
  6. From what I've seen by looking at stats posted, average is about 24/25. For instance, average age of successful applicants at University of Calgary was 24.60 last year (http://mdadmissions.ucalgaryblogs.ca/files/2016/09/Reference-Stats-2016.pdf?x48364) You can also check out the statistics at McMaster Med here: http://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/md-program-admissions/how-we-select
  7. Good point! And they have to give verifiers time to reply so verifier info might not be available til next week either.. so they can't have made their decisions already. Maybe at the end of the month or something they just put in all the data from cGPA, verfiers, ECs scores, and MCAT to generate a list of people to interview.
  8. Or has anyone experienced this in the past? I have contacted admissions and my cGPA should be calculated by end of next week. There were some problems with my transcript. They haven't said if this is a problem or not. I'm worried this is really late since they're probably already making interview invite decisions. Do you think this will have a negative consequence on my application?
  9. haha I can't believe this is real. A very unfortunate limitation: "Thirdly, the evaluation process of the good looking score is subjective, but we have no reliable alternative. The best known alternative published in the literature (asking a mirror, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”) works only for queens, a notable shortcoming of this test.4 Although it is widely known that the mirror always spoke the truth, at present we do not have access to this device (not currently supplied by the Spanish national health system)."
  10. For the most part I tried not to but for some things I did if it was a common abbreviation like b/w, w/, and intl. Sometimes I googled a word to see if it had a common abbreviation that I couldn't think of. Still got a couple interviews!
  11. I emailed UofT about the same thing and they said it's okay if you want, but they encourage applicants to review and improve them
  12. Yes you are right, I was overly optimistic by saying a rewrite means an increase in the score! However, if you look at the published AAMC statistics on rewrites I think it supports my argument. This is a little long but I’d love to know what others think of this and perhaps I am missing something. (Also, I should probably get a life lol) I’ll use McMaster as an example since it only looks at VR and will make things simpler. Lets just say the competitive pool of VR scores is 10 and above (though I know they accept VR >6) Looking at the AAMC rewrite data, it is clear that a large p
  13. I also think a direct comparison is not ideal and many factors need to be taken into consideration. For instance, since the new MCAT has only been offered for one summer, many people have not had a chance to write it multiple times to get an excellent score. This is in comparison to the old MCAT. People have had more time to write it numerous times to achieve a competitive score. This would increase the proportion of high scores, likely causing schools to increase their cutoffs to only interview a certain number of applicants. So for example with the old MCAT, there is probably a g
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