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  1. I will be flying from Toronto to Vancouver with my mother for the interview. I am wondering if you guys have any hotel recommendations or areas where I should get a hotel? Thank You!
  2. I am down for regular skype practice!
  3. I talked to a lab supervisor (i volunteered in his lab for 8 months) and he also taught me a course, but in a class of more than 300 students. He said he will not be able to give me a strong recommendation because he doesn't know me well enough, and that i should look for someone else for the academic reference. I am really confused now because my research supervisors didn't teach me any courses, apart from supervising my thesis. Not sure if thesis supervision counts as a course. I am really upset because I dedicated so much time towards his lab and his research.
  4. I graduated from McMaster in May 2015, but would like to take Organic Chem II at YorkU in the Winter 2016 session. Does anyone know how I can proceed with that, or if it is too late now to enroll?
  5. Anyone in GTA interested in doing interview prep sometime soon?
  6. im planning on taking organic II without lab with TRU
  7. is it okay to email UBC to confirm whether courses that im going to enroll into will fulfill the prereqs?
  8. Ohh okay! How does the final exam work if you live in Toronto?
  9. It says that the course takes 30 weeks from registration date...wouldnt that be too late then? Don't we need to be dine by April 30?
  10. Time Stamp: 12:21PM PST Interview Invite: Invited Early/Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA (if applicable): ~89% MCAT: 34 ECs: extensive research, no pubs, extensive volunteer work Year: Completed Bachelor Geography: OOP
  11. My social awkwardness level: Someone at work: Have a nice weekend! Me: Okay
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