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  1. A question regarding choosing an appropriate service referee: would it be a bad idea to choose a referee that was NOT one of your verifiers for an activity? For example, in a hospital volunteering setting, I used the hospital's volunteer coordinator to verify the activity; however, would like to choose a different individual who I interacted with most during my time there as my service referee. I personally feel like they would be able to provide a more genuine and personal account of my character and suitability for medicine rather than the coordinator would, whom I rarely interacted with.
  2. Appreciate the response. Difficult sitting here already pondering a re-write for next summer having just found out my score this morning lol. Thanks!
  3. 512 (130/125/130/127). Such an underwhelming result in CARS.. just didn't have it on the day of. Just wanted to know based on past experience if it's worth throwing an application to Queen's?
  4. Thanks for sharing this experience. In terms of verifiers - did you use someone different for each role?
  5. For what it's worth, I'm confident there isn't. Tough year NAQ wise. Best of luck to you all!
  6. If you applied in 2015/2016 you can check those. Unfortunately it only goes back one year.
  7. nobody knows. try not to worry about it!! out of your hands at this point, and all is just speculation. my guess? they're not going to calculate a pre-req average at all. don't think it has been a significant factor in recent years' past either.
  8. Nope wouldn't do it. Others have touched on why, but it comes down to the fact that you're a phenomenal candidate to matriculate at a Canadian program. If I had your stats, I wouldn't even consider applying internationally unless I failed 3-4+ times post-interview domestically.
  9. I agree 100%, and to add onto this, I was definitely one of those individuals who was heartbroken after not getting in right after completing undergrad in 2014. While still on the grind to finally crack a program, I've engaged in opportunities to get involved in so many things in these 'gap' years including working in clinical research, volunteering, travelling, spending more time in my hobbies etc that I am certain I would not have been able to do had I started med school right out of UG. At the end of the day, when you're 45 and practicing, nobody is going to question when you got in, n
  10. yeah.. glad that's over. personally, i don't agree too much with the test. time pressure and the necessity of typing, i think, limit the exam's objectivity.. oh well. best of luck to those yet to write!
  11. Basically reiterating what everyone else has said here... pre-interview, it's basically a crapshoot but I think it will certainly work in your favour in the post-interview evaluation.
  12. Eh. You're sitting in the comfort of your own home/library/study space writing it.. you can have whatever notes you want! The only issue is... you have 5 minutes to answer each question.. you won't realistically have any time to refer to any notes.
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