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  1. Tried looking for this but cannot find the source. Anyone have the source?
  2. Similarly, how much are clerks expected to move around Hamilton and other cities/towns?
  3. Anyone know what the current offers are by the OMA?
  4. Where can we learn more about these sources of funds?
  5. I'm wondering whether McMaster provides its medical students with the opportunity to apply for bursaries, financial aid, scholarships, etc. Anyone know?
  6. Class of 2019 Sessional Dates: http://fhs.mcmaster.ca/mdprog/documents/SESSIONALDATESFORTHECLASSOF2019_NEW.pdf
  7. I can confirm bad waitlist exists. "I must inform you, that, given your rank on this list, you are unlikely to receive an offer."
  8. How do you know there will be construction for the next 2 years (source)?
  9. Trying to rank the three campuses (Hamilton, Niagara and Waterloo). I plan on ranking Hamilton first (e.g. more opportunities, less commuting, bigger city, etc.), but am not sure on whether I should rank Waterloo or Niagara second. Both seem about the same distance from the GTA, so the 10 extra minutes it takes to get to Niagara isn't really worth considering IMO. Any thoughts?
  10. Hello, I was wondering what the interview format was at UManitoba. I have the following details, but could some please confirm/clarify/correct. 11 MMI stations and 1 rest station; stations are one-on-one; 1 scenario is a written station they will give you pen and water bottle (so can we bring our pen and/or water bottle if we want to?) Also, anyone know if there is a tour of the campus after the interview?
  11. Does anyone have the link to their video?
  12. I need some advice about selecting a community reference. Should I select a faculty advisor for a student-led group that doesn't serve the community (but it does serve the student community; student journal at the University)? I have spent a few years working for this journal. This reference would be better than a reference I obtain from the volunteer coordinator at a place I have spent less than a year at. Any advice?
  13. Thinking about getting some gifts for my referees. Any ideas? I was thinking maybe a $10 gift card from Starbucks with a thank you card. Should I drop this off in person or mail it? One of my referees is in Toronto while I go to school at Western (the other 2 referees).
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