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  1. Hey everyone Wondering if anyone knows of good online programs to learn ultrasound interpretation (ie: POCUS)? Are there any that are completely free? Also - has anyone bought a small portable US? Any tips on brands/models? Thanks in advance!
  2. I would advise emailing uOttawa about your situation. Also, if you have any professor contacts, email them and ask if they would be willing to invigilate for you and maintain social distancing - if you can get a yes from them you should be able to submit forms to Athabasca for that. Confirm with Athabasca first, obviously.
  3. Hi! I think you would be better served and get more replies and advice by posting in the premed forums rather than the med forums
  4. Thank you both, I really appreciate the feedback. I also really like the idea of doing both... I am mainly trying to show interest in my preferred field but also would like to strengthen my research experience. I *am* interested in the non-preferred-field research project so that is good, but I will see about coordinating it around the preferred option. And maybe, if I am lucky, a preferred-field research project will arise with a decent chance of publishing.
  5. Trying to choose between the 2 options here. I have a likely-publishable project that is available but not in a specialty that I'm super into... should I focus on publications as the goal or on relevant research projects in my preferred field?
  6. Is it more important for CaRMS to do research with a supervisor who is an MD? Or does it matter? I'm thinking maybe for CaRMS reference letters it's required that they are a clinician/practicing physician? -------edit to add: Thank you all for replying, I think I might have had two questions here.. Does the type of supervisor matter for research experience or publications - will they differentiate between students who have worked with clinician physicians (MD) vs. researchers in medical science (PhD)? If you get a pub, does it matter who supervised? And then I gue
  7. I'd say take that extra year (or two at school) for sure - improve the gpa as much as possible. And unfortunately an MCAT rewrite is likely on the table... Good luck!
  8. I think your GPA and MCAT are good, but if you think you might be lacking in the ECs department a good job and some volunteering would be a valuable way of spending the year for both you and your CV. Continue doing your current ECs and add another one or two perhaps? I didn't do any extra degrees myself so I can't speak to their use and most of my class doesn't have a masters or phd so it's not *required*. If you are motivated to do one then have at it, but it seems from your comments that you'd like a break from the research lab stuff. Maybe the MPH would suit your interests.
  9. Thank you guys, I think that really helps answer some questions I had about how to structure my summer. That's perfect! If anyone has any more advice or experience I would love to hear it either as a comment here so others can benefit or as a private message if you don't feel like sharing your personal info with the forum.
  10. Hey everyone! Happy holidays Lots of Qs about research below please help if you can I am wondering the importance of research for CaRMS matching in general and also for competitive specialties? Is it crucial that I get a publication out of it? Is it important that it is in the same field as my potential specialty choice? Should I just cold-call (email) researchers and do they have to be associated with their university's medical program? Would a research assistant position over the summer provide enough experience for CaRMS or should it be longer term? Is it usual to get a pu
  11. Few options to find the answers for this: - check each school's website - email each school this question - call each school and ask Good luck!
  12. I found it helpful to read the non-traditional success stories section. But yeah, it does get tiring to re-apply with no end in sight... Try to start planning for alternative career options while staying on course for your applications to medicine. Venting here is helpful because at least there are people who "get" what you're going through. Rooting for you this cycle
  13. I second this ^ If you are worried about getting science prereqs look at Athabasca University and/or TRU-OL. Yukon also gives an edge because rural experience, diversity, etc. And it would be a great experience for you to build some character.
  14. UBC is more strict. Read their website. I think ~Aug 25 is last chance MCAT date.
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