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  1. Attended University elsewhere for a year, transferred to where I am now, and am currently in third year here (different program, different courses). Does anyone know whether my grades from my past University can be used, in combination with an academic year from my current University in applying to UWO Dental school (i.e. top two years from two different programs in two different Universities)? Also, if I have taken more than 5 credits in a year, will UWO only use the top 5 in determining the academic average, or will they consider all courses taken during that period?
  2. I plan on applying to UWO dentistry school. I've been having quite a difficult time figuring out how my grades (from York University) would be converted by UWO (planning on applying to dentistry). Would someone please end my misery? I earned an A+ in 5 courses and an A in 5 courses. I'm not sure how OMSAS would treat each A+ and A, although I have read that A+ is worth 95% and A is worth 87% or 85%. That would leave me with a 91% or a 90% average, which is correct (if either?)
  3. Once again, I thank everyone for taking the time to help me figure this all out, I really appreciate it! I was also wondering if I would be in a good position to apply to Dentistry school as well? What are the main challenges faced by dentistry school applicants? The GPA cutoffs seem to be about the same, though there do seem to be quite a few more prerequisite courses required for UWO and UofT. I'll definitely be exposed to the world of dentistry (tools, medical imaging, human factors/ergonomics) through my undergrad and would consider this route as well if it appealed to me, it just
  4. What constitutes a life science course? Some people have told me that upper-year chemistry courses (material sciences, thermodynamics) and even physics courses (deformable solid mechanics, circuits) could count towards this requirement. Does anybody have any resources as to what exactly UofT wants in order to fulfill this req?
  5. I was wondering how UWO's top 2-year deal worked out for my case. I attained a 3.9 at a University in Ontario, then transferred into a new program at another Ontario University and attained a 3.7 GPA (new program meant transferring into year 1). Would the Western rule work me out to have a 3.8? Would the fact that my top two years were essentially two first years take anything away from my application? Would I even be allowed to use these two years? If I were to score a a 3.69 in my fourth-year, would using that year be any more significant than what I'm currently hoping to use?
  6. Thank you for the great responses everybody! The truth is I'm not really sure whether I would rather practice as an engineer, a doctor, a dentist, or (Insert arbitrary profession here). I guess I'll find out these next 3 years once I've volunteered at a hospital and gone through a few engineering internships. What I think I'm going to do is continue with the engineering undergrad and pay close attention to my GPA these next three years. If I find medicine is the path I'd rather follow I would then take the MCAT. Maybe I'll apply to medical schools with GPA calculation formulas that would
  7. @NotASerialKiller Thanks for the response. I did see that on many of the "Previous Admission Years" Statistics for some Ontario medical schools, there were chunks of applicants that were accepted with GPA's ranging from 3.59 - 3.79 and so that also gave me some hope. Is there something about these applicants that makes them special apart from great MCAT scores?
  8. I'm currently enrolled in an Ontario undergraduate engineering program (just completed first year). Medicine has always been something that's interested me (though I am an engineer at heart and love my major) and so I'm thinking of maybe applying to Ontario medical schools (and perhaps even some in the states) upon completing my undergraduate studies. The problem is I'm not super confident in my ability to maintain a very competitive GPA through my engineering undergrad (have 3.77 after first year - one of the easier ones in my study plan). I am more confident in my test-taking abili
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