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  1. Hey, I realize this post was a while ago but I was wondering, is it unfavourable if we write in point form versus full sentences?
  2. Can I ask you what your ECs were? I'm trying to understand what classifies as an 8 versus a 6 or 7, and where I may potentially fall on the scale. Thanks!
  3. So I worked in the lab for 4 months this summer, and its the same lab that I've been volunteering at for over a year now. Can I put the four months under work experience, and then put the >1 year volunteering under the volunteer experiences or is would it be not okay to repeat involvement in the same lab in two places on my application? Thanks for any help!
  4. Hey guys, I'd appreciate if you could answer these questions. I literally have no friends applying to med this cycle and this is my first time so I'm a little clueless. 1. When filling out the personal activities descriptions, should we list stuff in point form or sentences? I'm actually wondering how people even manage to sum everything up in like less than 300 words. 2. Is it better to just list 2 activities for a section if lets say, my third activity is something I recently started and I can't really say I've done much? (This might be a stupid question) Thank
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