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  1. Would this generally apply for family medicine residency at UofT as well? Since some faculty are spread out around the city/working at different clinics around the GTA?
  2. I would appreciate any suggestions for advisors as well, thank you in advance!
  3. Is there a way to tell whether the paste shows up properly or not?? I.e. if it looks fine on the OMSAS preview?
  4. Hey guys! I was wondering what you would put as the "Geographical Location" for activities classified as "Other", such as Piano or Art. Additional question: do you think these activities (Piano, Art) would be better placed under "Extracurricular Activities" instead of "Other"? My hesitation would be finding a Verifier for activities such as Art... Thanks in advance!
  5. It took place over a month (July 2014) since it was a summer program, and we participated in various lectures, workshops, activities, and had the project, etc. So I'm not really sure how many hours I should "put" for this?
  6. Would you guys recommend including SHAD (high school summer program) in the autobiographical sketch? The description would be something about designing a product with a team as a solution for a given issue (environmental-related), and presenting the product as part of an entrepreneurial competition. I was thinking of including it in the "Extracurriculars" section - since it was an ongoing summer program, how many hours would I put?
  7. Hey guys! I'm applying for the Keenan summer research program at St. Michael's, and their application form asks for which type of placement I am looking for (paid, volunteer, or both). As a first year with no research experience, which option would you recommend me to choose? I would definitely prefer a paid position (have to chip away at those student loans) but I'm worried that if I choose the "paid" option I'll have a lesser chance of getting in (due to lack of experience).
  8. Did you specify you wanted a paid research position, or did you just leave it really open-ended?
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