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  1. What do I do? They apparently requested my transcript and received it when not all of my marks were in yet? I sent an updated transcript once I got all my marks.
  2. Anyone know if the U of C Undergrad Research Symposium counts? No online abstracts but all participants were given a "booklet" with all abstracts in it?
  3. I got a award and its called a "bursary" from U of C when applying for my continuing undergrad awards but I have never entered my financial information to be considered for one. I looked it up and its for commitment to community and/or financial need... would it be bad to include it? I received it based on the commitment to community part but there's no way of verifying that and from what I saw they don't like bursaries....
  4. If you are just starting second year how do you have a louise mckinney already? They notify receipients in november don't they? At least thats what they do at U of C...
  5. ... how do you have publications already if you just finished 1st year?
  6. Lets take U of A as an example since we are on their school forum. How low could my MCAT be if my GPA was 3.9+ and still be competitive?
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