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  1. What do I do? They apparently requested my transcript and received it when not all of my marks were in yet? I sent an updated transcript once I got all my marks.
  2. Anyone know if the U of C Undergrad Research Symposium counts? No online abstracts but all participants were given a "booklet" with all abstracts in it?
  3. I got a award and its called a "bursary" from U of C when applying for my continuing undergrad awards but I have never entered my financial information to be considered for one. I looked it up and its for commitment to community and/or financial need... would it be bad to include it? I received it based on the commitment to community part but there's no way of verifying that and from what I saw they don't like bursaries....
  4. If you are just starting second year how do you have a louise mckinney already? They notify receipients in november don't they? At least thats what they do at U of C...
  5. ... how do you have publications already if you just finished 1st year?
  6. Lets take U of A as an example since we are on their school forum. How low could my MCAT be if my GPA was 3.9+ and still be competitive?
  7. I've heard at many US schools and some Canadian schools that if you have a high GPA you can have a lower MCAT and still be competitive and if you have low GPA you need high MCAT. Recently got back MCAT results and they were pretty terrible. Based on what I've seen to be competitive at Canadian med schools you need 3.9+ GPA and a 85-90th+ percentile MCAT. Am I right in thinking this? Although I have seen some people on these forums applying with less and others saying that their GPA or MCAT will make up for the other one...
  8. What's the deal with neuroscience people at U of C? Any neurosci current/former students here to comment? All of the people that I know from the program have ridiculously high GPAs (3.9+ and quite a few have a 4.0)... all of them. And out of the 30ish students that I know ~80% of them get into med school. Is there something special about their program? Is the program easy to get marks in (ie. the 3.9+ GPAs)? I know they only accept a small amount of students every year but its not difficult to get into. Some of my friends that are in it got in with only a 92% average from high school.
  9. What should I do guys? Going into 4th year in the fall for my biomedical degree. Got into research a bit late since I was working other summers. This is my first year of research and when I met my supervisor he was impressed with my GPA. Said a bunch of stuff about how many of his students got to med school and seemed really chill. As a health sci student I get guaranteed funding so it was about me choosing the lab to work in. I decided to go in his lab but as I work with him more he seems to have bipolar disorder. Some days really nice and other days criticizes me for everything (things t
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