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  1. Looking for committed people to add to the crew to form a larger group. Please PM me if you're interested. We will be practicing on a regular basis in the afternoon and evenings on UofA campus
  2. I can do Sunday from 7-8 PM MST this weekend. Let me know if you're available!
  3. Hi there, anyone who is interested in meeting up in person to practice at the UofA or via skype, please shoot me a message!
  4. Hi! I will be starting an online MMI interview group geared for only non-traditional applicants/grad students. Please message me if you are interested!
  5. Hi! I'm seeking individuals who would like to be part of an interview prep group for only individuals who does not come from a traditionally science background or have taken a few years off from school. Please message me!
  6. Hi, I'm located at the University of Alberta, but interested in practicing for both panel and MMI type interviews. If you're interested, I hope to set something up over skype and meet on a regular weekly basis up until February. Please message me!
  7. Does anyone know how many seats are reserved for OOP if any out of the total 38 seats?
  8. Anyone interested in meeting in person for a prep group please contact me. Will be putting your name down on a google spread sheet. Please PM with your First name: Availability: This group will be meeting at the University of Alberta.
  9. Question about post-graduate GPA calculation. I'm curious as to how the GPA will be calculated after graduation; say if someone were to do extra course as "special student" or in open studies how does that factor into overall GPA at UofC? I know that at UofA it's counted as a regular year. If anyone knows, please lmk!
  10. Given you had received an interview, would you say the biggest issue is the interview then or are the other sections (GPA/CARS/EC) also an issue?
  11. Sounds good! Anyone else who would like to be part of a dedicated practice group feel free to PM me.
  12. Hello pm101'ers Planning on starting a weekly MMI skype interview practice group. If you're interested, please shoot me a message with your skype user and time zone.
  13. Hi everyone! I'm curious if it's possible to be rejected in November? I've heard from some folks that they have already received emails regarding their rejection.
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