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  1. Hi there! For those familiar with the city - I'm looking at the map in order to learn more about this place . What's West Campus like? Why is it separated from the main campus? Would it be terribly boring... or noisy... or inconvenient... to live near west campus (as opposed to further east, such as where the main campus is)? Just some random questions! Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Now, would anyone know what the subject of the email would read, it it'd be an acceptance? Some people on the threads for other schools were talking about it. Also, wrt SOLUS, we would have to make a new account? Thank you.
  3. Oh hi guys thanks for the advice! Ok, so what is the consensus? That we have to log into OMSAS tomorrow morning to check, and that no emails will be sent out? Thanks, sorry this is all a bit new to me.
  4. Hi everyone, A bit of a silly topic, I took a look at one of the threads under the general OMSAS page, where people joked about squinting their eyes or covering one eye whilst using the other to gauge whether an admissions email was notifying them of their acceptances or not. It was pretty funny. Some of them talked about what the subject lines for certain schools were (for ex. for U of T or Western). Anybody here know what the subject line for the Queens emails look like? For example, what would it say, for acceptances? Also, at roughly what time in the day did Queens send
  5. Hey I was wondering what is meant by "sign in time" - is it the interview slot that you booked back when you were notified of having been given an interview? Like the online interview booking system? Is the online slot you booked the time when your MMI is set to begin? When would a panel interview sitting normally occur? After your MMI slot right? That's why they say expect to be available for 3.5 hours starting from the time you booked your interview, right?
  6. Oh cool! So the panel interviews are around 30 minutes then? If there's a potential 1 hr lag b/w the end of MMIs and your panel starting, and the max time usually being around 3.5 hours.
  7. Hi all! The interview invite email says you can expect to be at the interview site for up to 3.5 hours; how long are the interviews for usually? Also, is that guideline starting at the time for when you booked your interview slot? Example: you booked it for 1pm, so in terms of travel arrangements, you make arrangements for 4:30pm or later?
  8. Thanks guys! So train is generally better than mega-bussing it. By train, I see that someone wrote about the "UP Train" - is this the website? https://www.upexpress.com But it kinda seems like it's a Toronto region only place. Thanks for your advice!
  9. Haha okay! If one were to fly to Toronto, then take the "megabus" as another poster had suggested - is that not stressful of a ride? I've taken 3 hour greyhound buses before. they're not bad! I'm just wondering if many premed student go through the process of bussing like that on interview weekends. I know ever person makes diff decisions, but I'm new to this so I'm still hoping to get you guys' various inputs hehe!
  10. Are you guys' invites out? If you/anyone would like a Skype partner for MMI cases for the next 2 weeks, please let me know.
  11. Are you guys doing this over Skype at all, still? Sorry for crashing this thread. I would like to join or to have a Skype partner for MMI practicing purposes (even though I myself won't be interviewing for U of Calgary). If there's space and/or you as an individual would want another partner, PM me your Skype or FaceTime audio info! And let me know when your interview(s) are. Thanks.
  12. Anyone want to Skype with someone from out west? I'm not interviewing for McMaster, though I'll be doing the MMI with another school in a few weeks as well. (I totally crashed your thread for McMaster). If you would like a Skype partner in the next 2-3 weeks, please PM me! With Skype and/or FaceTime audio and/or anything else details.
  13. Any other folks from the west? Do most fly direct to Kingston, or do you take a cheaper route (i.e. via Toronto, then bus it via greyhound?) Never done this before, so all this is fresh and new stuff.
  14. Hi everyone! Congrats to all those invited (and those previously invited in previous years). Just wondering, what events should or would one want to attend? The interview site tells you there's an event Fri night (a pub night?), another such event on Saturday night. This is in addition to your regular day-of events of course (i.e. your actual interview, as well as the Dean's talk, the video, the campus tour, etc.). So my interview day is scheduled on a Sunday btw. I was just wondering as to your own thoughts on when to arrive, given that these events - see above Fri and Sat night one
  15. That's awesome 3m14. Amazing news Do you know what the original timestamp of your email would have been, had you received it on the day of (on Friday)? Reason I'm asking is some people seem to suspect that if you had been invited, you'd have received the email earlier in the day and / or before their server or system got blacklisted from sending out too many emails. Thanks UWOMedSci16. So... if by saying they're not resending things, are they suggesting that the emails that haven't gone through were for those not invited? Hope that makes sense. Because otherwise they'd want to ens
  16. You mean it was a let down/a bit shocking, because your MCATs were high + ECs were good? Sorry I'm not trying to make you micro-analyze why it didn't work out - just trying to see if what you two mean is that Queen's policies are a bit muddy/non-transparent to those of us not on their admissions team.
  17. Did they call you? Or did you reach out? Around what time was this? "time stamp." hehe.
  18. So... there are others who haven't gotten an email from them yet? ????
  19. Have all the invites been sent out? It's around 9pm EST (on Friday the 29th), hence why I'm asking.
  20. Hey I know that various threads have discussed this over the past year, but I wanted some guidance wrt a biological sciences score of 125, 126, or 127. I know each writing date is a bit different, but apx. what might that translate to? In other words, I'm wondering how I should feel about it... particularly in response to the general standards of Ontario schools.
  21. Hey, I didn't know that. So if you have a masters degree, EVEN THOUGH masters marks do not count for Queens' GPA calculation, you will still get a more holistic review of your application? If so, do they just personally look over your file more closely, or...?
  22. Hey guys. Sorry if I should know this. But do you know if/when Queens has decided on any MCAT score cutoffs yet? I know things have changed with the 2015 MCAT, so I'm not sure what the official positions of Queens, Western, and the western Canada schools etc. are.
  23. Ok, so: a) the patient b ) physicians c) relevant nurses involved d) medical secretary and/or receptionist (yes?) e) relevant research staff or PI (in this case, should the patient be made aware of this? I assume this is for a research study so the patient has already consented to participation)). What about f) medical insurers, g) the government or state And for f) and g), why or why not, and under what circumstances?
  24. Hi all, how is spelling factored in? I'm not bad with spelling but I mean... what with the time crunch and all..
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