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  1. Hello friends, Are interview notifications sent on a rolling basis (I assume each school operates differently)? And if you answer this question, would you also be willing to answer which school it was? Thanks in advance!
  2. I would not rewrite. Waste of money and time. In my experience, MCAT wasn't heavily emphasised at UBC. Perhaps things have changed since I applied though.
  3. Bring boots in case you ruin your shoes. There should be a room where you can leave your things. The med 1’s will look after your stuff.
  4. Wear what you think is most comfortable, but also professional. For my interview, a couple people told me my suit was too fitted and my cropped dress pants were too “New York Fashion Week”. I wore it anyway, and honestly I’m glad I did. My outfit made me feel powerful and I strutted down the hallway to my next station.
  5. I feel like an MMI prep company would only give you the framework. If you already have an understanding of the MMI and how to answer questions, I personally don’t think it would be helpful. I took a prep course, at first. In hindsight, all the information is readily available online. I’ll be honest thiugh, having it all in one resource made it more convenient. I think if you have good friends, watch YouTube videos, etc you’d get the same info. A lot of my initial organization depended on the prep course, but once I got comfortable, I began to make my own organization. Not going to
  6. Every area has a different patient demographic. Depends what you want to see. But I echo Bambi.
  7. Hey there, Don't count yourself out yet. I would SOLELY focus on Calgary. Put all your eggs in one basket so you can maximize your chances. I had a 503 as well, it's possible. (although all my scores were above 124)
  8. I took a buuunch of summer classes. I did this strategically to make sure I could focus on the content if the course was notoriously difficult (physics and biochem). Some schools only count classes during the school year though and require a full course load (taking a summer class doesn't replace a class during the year in terms of minimum credit hours at some schools...), so make sure you do your research and figure out if that is a requirement at the school you are applying to. I think that taking a prerequisite in the summer will still count toward your med/dental school application.
  9. Hi there! I prepped a fair amount. I took practise tests for a week. Mind you, I prepped for the MMI a lot in the previous year that I didn't get accepted, so the thoughts flowed quickly. I was focusing on the typing aspect of it.
  10. When I wrote CaSPER, I wrote it in the fall, so you still have quite a bit of time to practice and prep. And technically, since the announced it now, it is still fair for Manitoban applicants, as all the applicants found out at the same time. There will be a similar amount of preparation across most applicants.
  11. Wait till after the first day of class before you call yourself a med student.
  12. I would not rewrite and solely focus on getting into one med school. Don't spread yourself too thinly by applying too broadly. I'd rather be an average applicant at one school than a mediocre applicant at three. You only need one acceptance letter. If you get an interview, just prep like mad and kill it. It's an average for a reason, and you straddle it. I wouldn't feel at ease, but know that you are in the running for acceptance!
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