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  1. Hi, I am looking to sign up for the November 2016 DAT exam. However, I might not have internet to sign up for the DAT when registration opens up July 1st. How fast does it usually fill up? (I'm looking at the UBC location, but UfT also works). Thankss
  2. Hi, I don't see a St.George tour option on my confirmation link, only MAM tour is available. Does this mean the St. George tour does not need signing up? If I interview in the afternoon, will I still be able to do the St. George tour? Thanks!
  3. Hi, Is anyone here interested in starting a practice interview group? Meeting around once a week, running through several practice scenarios. PM me if you are interested and committed. Thanks!
  4. I have managed to keep a 4.0 in my pre-req classes, but my MCAT score is not the most competitive (VR-10, PS- 12, BS- 13), would it be of no help for me to submit my MCAT score? On the website it says: When optional MCAT results are submitted they will only be used if they render the application more competitive.However, it then says: Where valid MCAT results are submitted, results will be considered in conjunction with academic results in the relevant science prerequisite courses (50/50 weighting). Thanks in advance
  5. For lab courses that are 4 credits (e.g. CHEM 222, PHYS 101), do we put them as weight of 1 (the same value for a 3 credit course)? What about courses running one semester with 6 credits, and courses running 2 semesters (seminar courses) totalling 1 credit (0.5 in each semester)? Thanks!
  6. I am unable to find what is the cutoff date for the sketch activities? Can we include activities that we currently involved in up to October 1st, 2015? Thanks
  7. Is it appropriate and acceptable to select a current student (3 years my senior) that was the president of a society (that I was a part of throughout my undergraduate degree) for my reference letter? Has anyone been in the same situation in the past? Thanks!
  8. For the supplemental part of the application, do we put every activity that was university affiliated in the extracurricular activity section? The majority of my volunteering experience were through my university, and I am not sure if they should all go under the Extracurricular section where references are not needed.
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