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  1. That's true, at this same time, there is a possibility of their being a really biased sample of applicants, in my opinion, potential applicants that are confident about their interviewing skills or doing video interviews will be more likely to do the snapshot and perhaps an applicant may not fare as well compared to these more experienced applicants. This is what I reasoned so far, maybe, I'm wrong and just scared lol.
  2. Personally, I'm not. For me personally, if it was something significant in the evaluation process they should atleast message every single applicant about this and or put it on there admissions website. Due to the lack of communication and explicit emphasis by the adcoms, I'm leaning toward that they are just probably going to use it to collect data and therefore, I'm less inclined to write it. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Do you know where on the website it states the snapshot requirements?
  4. Hi, I wanted to know if any successful applicant is able to look over my Western Essays, I'll be more than happy to compensate for your time and effort. Thanks!
  5. Anybody have an advice on how to choose the Top 3. Should I pick the entries that show a good balance of Canmeds?
  6. Did you apply to Western last year? With your MCAT and GPA, you're above the cut-offs. Only the ABS is left.
  7. Hi, I'm applying again for the 3rd time and I would really appreciate if someone is willingly to quickly look over my ABS. Thanks in advance!!
  8. Can you elaborate on that. Should we try to mention the terms explicitly?
  9. I think they changed the requirement for online courses. If I'm understanding this correctly, we can have more than one online course per semester.
  10. Apparently, I won't be considered as a grad applicant. Was also confirmed via email as well. With a wGPA of 3.75, I wonder if I'll be considered for a file review as an undergrad applicant.
  11. Hi, I wanted to ask if I'm done my master's requirement in July 2020 but I have my convocation in Fall, after October 1st. I'm a considered as a grad applicant?
  12. I'm assuming from the wording, you have to have completed three years of undergrad in order to apply. Therefore, if your friend only has 2 years of undergrad they might not be eligible to apply. Edit: lol, ignore this, @Failure 's post has the correct answer.
  13. They also changed the ABS. You have to highlight your top 3 entries per category.
  14. How would they measure productivity with a course-based masters?
  15. Hi, I'm in a similar situation as you are. According to the UofT admissions website, your application will be accepted but as an undergraduate student: When completing your OMSAS application, you will require a letter from your program supervisor to confirm that you will be able to complete your masters before June 30th. Your program advisor will be very well versed with medical school admissions and they may be able to provide you with a comparable practicum to allow you to confer your master's degree by June 30th.
  16. Also, I dont know if its uncalled for, but try to keep a paper trail of all of your interactions and possibly audio record meeting with faculty. At the end of the day, its best to protect yourself. Since your school has already been uncooperative, its best to take some additional precautions.
  17. Mine, had nothing on it besides the standard rejection statement.
  18. Sorry to break it, but if you get your scores, it means that you've been rejected. You can try contacting adcoms, but sadly, you probably missed the cut off by a few points. I wish you the best!
  19. Anybody able to access the app status page? Still getting errors.
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