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  1. I did pure Arts courses while in undergrad - Medicine was not on my radar at the time. When I decided to take the MCAT a few years later, it was a very difficult - but surmountable - task. I mostly self-taught, using Khan Academy videos as well as the Kaplan MCAT books. I also had a few friends who had done biology, chemistry, and physics whom I was able to ask for help when needed.


    This route is definitely doable, but studying for the MCAT was my 'job' for nearly 3 months. I had quit my job and was not in school at the time, so I studied for 8 hours/day most days (I did do a bit of part-time work in a doctor's office). I got a passable grade, but it was definitely a weak part of my application.


    So, my advice:


    -Definitely possible without doing a course, but be prepared to take some time off and study full-time

    -Find people whom you can go to for help when you need it

    -Realistically the MCAT is not going to be the strongest part of your application, so make sure you have stellar GPA / extras / essay / etc otherwise to compensate

    -Don't forget to take practice exams under test conditions. It's easy to focus just on learning the material, but actually writing the test is a skill unto itself you can't forget to work on


  2. Wasn't sure if I should start a new thread or not, but I have a question along these lines. The OMSAS Instruction Booklet entry for NOSM ( http://www.ouac.on.ca/docs/omsas/b_omsas_e.pdf ) says



    While there are no course requirements, NOSM values applicants who present evidence of a broad undergraduate education. [...] If you pursue majors in arts, social sciences and/or humanities, you are expected to have completed at least two full course equivalents in science within your degree program


    Is this a requirement or a suggestion?


    I have an arts background but did not complete any full course equivalents in science according to their definition. I have been out of undergrad for 5 years now and also have a professional degree (not health- or science-related) so I would definitely call myself a non-trad. I studied enough science to do passably well on the MCAT (which I know NOSM doesn't consider).


    Does the fact that I didn't take any science in undergrad 5 years ago really mean that I have to forget about NOSM, or would I still be considered if I applied next year? 

  3. Waitlisted, NS Applicant


    Academic score: 19 / 25 (GPA: 3.7, MCAT 508)

    Essay/Supp: 20.25 / 35

    Interview: 29.6 / 40

    Total: 68.85


    Since I don't think anyone's posted them yet, here are the average scores for accepted NS applicants:


    GPA: 3.8 (13/15)

    Old MCAT: 29  (7/10)

    New MCAT: 510  (7/10)

    Supp/Essay: 23.1 / 35

    Interview: 31 / 40


    Total: 74.1


    Congrats to all those accepted!

  4. The website ( http://medicine.dal.ca/departments/core-units/admissions/admissions/place-of-residence.html ) states that they have to be 2 periods of 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the start of the program. If you spent 1 year in the Maritimes back in 2005 and 1 year in 2015 it wouldn't be two periods of 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the start of the program. At least, that's how I read it. Might be worth a call to Dal.

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