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  1. I really appreciate the help, guys. I'm pretty set on going to Alberta for uni now, and my parents are fine with it after some convincing lol. However I'm about concerned that there won't be the same opportunities for research/ECs compared to a uni in Ontario (heard this a few times)-- will this be a problem?
  2. Is it difficult to get a 3.9+ gpa at U of A sciences? I don't know much about universities outside of Ontario... Would you say it is comparable to the difficulty of Western med sci?
  3. If I can convince my parents to allow me to go to Alberta, I will definitely be going to U of A. At U of A, Should I take general science for the higher GPA or specialization/honors physiology?
  4. Regarding Alberta universities, would you recommend going to UofA or UofC and for which majors specifically? I havent done much research into alberta universities. I'll try and convince my parents that studying in alberta is the right choice lol Thanks for the help
  5. My parents would really prefer if I stayed either in BC or went to Ontario so unfortunately Alberta wont be an option. I think i'll just go to UWO med sci or UofT life sci since I'll still have IP status in BC.
  6. Oh, that's awesome. Is it only Mac that I will be IP status for if I make the move to ontario? And do Ontario med schools give a big preference to IP applicants or do they weigh IP and OOP almost the same? I think in vancouver/alberta it matters a lot. Thanks
  7. Thanks. I had thought that once you lose your BC care card you are no longer a resident, guess I was wrong. Does this mean I can get IP status in both BC and ontario?
  8. Not so much I don't want to live in BC but I find Toronto much more interesting Also I may not get into UBC Science because I have little ECs, but with my high average I should get into UWO and u of t.
  9. Hi guys, I'm heading to university next year and wondering where I should go for undergrad. Is there any disadvantage to going to Ontario for university if I'm from BC? The programs i'm looking at are UWO med sci, U of T life sci, UBC Science. My average right now is about ~94%. Also, I'm confused as to whether I would lose IP status if I move to ontario, and therefore lessen the chances of getting into med school... that is why I am worried of moving provinces. I would prefer to move to Ontario as I don't like living in BC anymore but having the best chance at med school is still my f
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