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  1. J'ai seulement bougé de 4 places dans la LA universitaire... je pensais que ça allait avancer davantage J'imagine que normalement la liste d'attente bouge beaucoup plus au début et puis ralentit au fur et à mesure qu'on s'approche de la rentrée scolaire?
  2. Quelqu'un sait la LA s'est rendu a combien l'an dernier pour les universitaires? Chuis 115 sur 178... c'est dead je pense?
  3. Réponse: Refus Réponses des autres universités: LA USherb, refus UdeM Catégorie: Uni Cote: 33 Impressions sur le Casper: Mon français était rouillé et je l'ai fait en pensant que ça n'allait compter que pour pharmacie alors RIP
  4. Did not get an interview this year despite getting one last year :( any chance I could get my pre-interview ranking somewhere?
  5. Si j'ai toujours pas recu de nouvelle, ca veux tu dire que j'ai été refusé?
  6. 3rd year in a row buddy. I must seriously change something about myself or change the way I prepare for the interviews because clearly, it's not working out.
  7. Anyone still Further Review Required? At this point it must be a rejection right? I'm IP
  8. Thanks everyone for the input! Very helpful and appreciated. Guess I will go with Dawson since it's cheaper and easier. Does anyone know if I can take the courses in the regular route (not the continuing education one) even if I already have a DEC? From a post above, it seems like it will take more than a year to complete the 7 courses if I go the continuing education path...
  9. Hello, I received an interview offer this year as a QC university applicant, I but didn't make the cut. In part, because my interviews didn't go that well and also because of my below-average science prerequisites GPA (3.4 I believe?). Since they are going to expire next year anyway, I was thinking of retaking them, but I don't know where and how I should do it. Online or at a CEGEP? If so which CEGEP is the "best?" Should I do bio 1, chem 1, physics 1 in one semester, and then bio 2, chem 2, physics 2 and organic chem the next semester? And how much does one course cost on average? A
  10. Les deux sont possible. Il y a bien plus qu'une vague!
  11. As for me, I won't prepare at all. Some people told me they did a lot of preparations before the interview and it helped them greatly, but others did not prepare at all and they still got admitted. It is up to you really.
  12. TIME STAMP: 8:30 AM Result: Invite wGPA: 3.85 MCAT: NA ECs: Hospital volunteering mostly with some work experience Year: Graduated ug last year IP Letter of EC: No
  13. You can email them after the admission cycle ends. If you email them now they are probably too busy to give you the info (I tried last year)
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