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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering what the complications would be (if any) for a student transferring mid third year from UWO BMSc to York Kin? Also this would be my second transfer- first from mac to uwo (more of an interesting program) then from uwo to york (can't afford rent) Would this look bad on a med app? I am planning to take a 5th year anywat
  2. "Looks like this student Opted out of the donation fee. Best not to admit him/her to our med/dent program" .. The irrational fears I have
  3. Full courses grades count twice as much as a half year. so for example if your 3.3 was a full year course, your omsas GPA would be: 3.7 + 3.9 + 4.0 + 3.3 + 3.3 (sum divided by 5) = 3.64 So input half year courses once, and full year courses twice, then divide by the amount of grade inputs.
  4. First year you will take Health Sciences 1001 and Health Sciences 1002, both are very easy, boiling down to just memorize-and-regurgitate. Exams for both were straight MC, though 1002 had 2 writing pieces it wasn't difficult to do well as long as you put a reasonable amount of time into it (all of my friends received grades in the 80's doing the papers the night before). The class average for 1001 was 69, while 1002 was 64. Im speaking for this past year. These averages have stood in previous years, but don't let them sway you in another direction, the courses are really straightforward.
  5. Not a health sci, but I know many people in the program and have taken many of their courses. Very interesting, in first year you learn bio as well as social health issues in Canada. Easier than medical science; if you can memorize, first and second year will be a breeze. (info from friends)
  6. I was in the medical brigades at my school, though I opted out of the end of year trip. If you won't be financially burdened and it is something that is worthwhile to you as an experience go for it. Though I will say that I have read on the forum that volunteering abroad really doesn't hold any weight, and is sometimes seen as unethical? (don't quote me) In terms of reputation there are 20-ish chapters in Canada, they go every year and from what I hear it's pretty enjoyable but you do sacrifice some everyday comforts you have likely grown accustomed to.
  7. 4th and 5th year for 2YGPA.. 6th for Ottawa? Or perhaps a second undergrad? though I am not sure how this would carry with it your current undergrad marks. Also investigate how your IP status helps you, and what GPA you will need to become competitive. (Sorry I'm only well acquainted with Ontario schools) - Also with a solid 2+ years of 3.9+ you'd likely be in good shape in the US as well because of the increasing trend in grades. Also keep in mind full course load and course level requirements at 2YGPA schools.
  8. Classics 2200/2500 Geography 2010/2011 Psych 2070 Just a few electives that come to mind, haven't taken all of the above so can't speak too much from personal experience, except that the Geo's above I highly recommend (studying a few hours a week should net you a 90+)
  9. I heard TAs giving out grades of 90+ is limited, they have to get approval from the professor or something like that. There are many electives that seem easy/interesting in other faculties like Classical Studies that wont limit your chance of a 90 straight off the bat
  10. Does after 3rd year affect me too bad? Im guessing not so much ..
  11. Hi all, Was just wondering if 4 months would be a good amount of time to study for the MCAT? I know individual people will vary etc etc, but has this worked for people? Essentially by 4 months I mean all summer between university years Thanks
  12. Was the "Congratulations" not a give away?
  13. ..for some reason I feel like I'd start crying lol
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