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  1. I didn't make the initial post by the way. All I was saying what that Redpill is wrong in implying that GPA is the best predictor, MCAT is.
  2. Although I agree with you that many applicants probably do this and it is unfair, let us not generalize. Also, no one knows how NAQ scoring works so...I am not sure if exaggerating the hours would help significantly.
  3. To all rejected applicants: Double check your GPA! Yesterday, I had UBC correct the mistake they made in calculating my GPA. It did not make a difference for me in terms of getting an interview invite, but for those of you who got rejected by a point or two, this could make a difference!
  4. Your EC seems quite impressive in my eyes. Keep in mind that UBC isn't the only medical school available. I also got rejected from UBC this year, yet I received so many invites from high ranked medical schools in the US. Maybe consider applying to some American schools next year?
  5. Congrats to all who survived yesterday's wave of rejections. I was actually rejected yesterday but I thought I would come by to say good luck to you all. I was very surprised how low my NAQ came out to be (<20). I have a master's degree and currently work as a clinical researcher at a prestigious medical institution in the US. I have extensive research experience as I have started doing research since the sophomore year in undergrad. I have two first-authored publications and many more co-authored publications in SCI level journals. In terms of volunteering, I have done both domestic a
  6. I won't be surprised if they are monitoring this post while having an office party They probably look forward to this all year.....
  7. I have also worked in wet labs in the past, and I'm currently working full-time in a dry lab. Here are my two cents. Wet lab Pro: Basic science (at least in terms of publication) is considered more prestigious. Just go take a look at impact factors of basic science journals and compare them to those of clinical journals. It is also kind of fun to do hands-on stuff. You actually feel like you are doing science. Con: It could take you years to publish. I have worked in a wet lab for almost three years and I have one publication. Dry lab: Pro: You can publish relatively quicker. Most
  8. The whole point of selecting students with rural ties is to address the shortage of doctors in rural areas. So I think the students with strong ties would be those who grew up there and have the entire family CURRENTLY living there.
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