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  1. Finished. Eugh. Really didn't like some of those questions. Some of them are just way too vague and not clearly written. Do they not proof read their questions? Also does anyone know if the survey at the end is anonymous?
  2. Maybe this is a CASPer scenario for the person handling the Twitter account. "How would you handle a distressing situation such as your website going down at primetime?"
  3. Their tweet: We're investigating a technical issue. We'll get everyone through today but be patient and don't refresh the page!
  4. wait it out, see if it comes back online in a reasonable amount of time and hopefully continue. otherwise we will probably receive an email regarding a reschedule
  5. down for me as well... what a disaster.
  6. Hi all, What are your thoughts on having one of my referees be a coordinator for a volunteer activity I am currently enrolled in and have put in about 50 hours for? I would assume it is more ideal to have a referee that has a greater scope of understanding of my community involvement and other activities, but this referee would only really be able to speak to this volunteer activity solely. My other two referees are academics and I could have a third academic who can vouch for my academic endeavors and very minimally touch on my community involvement, or I can have this volunteer coordinat
  7. I think I have strong LORs but I haven't looked at the specific LOR formats required by American schools (as I hear they are a bit different and more specific to each school in the U.S. compared to Canada). ECs are probably average but I'm working hard to improve them and gain better experience. You are right, I will be applying to Canadian school as well. I applied this past cycle but had no success. I figure writing the MCAT again and getting a higher overall score and much higher VR (CARS) score will yield better results this coming cycle. I'll contact each school I'm interested i
  8. Yea 2 year MSc. AMCAS GPA is ~3.85 and my previous MCAT was a 32 (12 BS, 11 PS, 9 VR). Looking at the MSAR, I feel like my stats are decent, but that is not accounting for the fact that I am a Canadian applicant. I know some schools look at Canadian applicants similar to domestic applicants (i.e. 4 year undergrad in Canada is accepted) but I believe I would still be considered at a disadvantage due to non-american status.
  9. I'm a graduate student and I'm planning to defend in the middle of the summer. Writing in late August gives me some dedicated time for studying for the test. I would much rather write the MCAT earlier but I don't think I would have enough time to dedicate for my graduate studies and studying for the MCAT.
  10. Yea, USMD is the plan. I understand your point about having a really late application and that is obviously a disadvantage. Would it be feasible to apply early using my old MCAT scores from 2013 and just make the schools aware that I'll be re-writing and I can update them if they wish? I know this will probably eliminate my consideration from some schools because my MCAT is from 2013 and would be too distant from the upcoming application cycle.
  11. Hi all, I am trying to determine whether writing the MCAT on August 25th (with a score release date of September 27th) is a good idea considering my intent to apply to american medical schools. For all of the american schools that I've looked at (that accept Canadians), the primary application deadline is after September 27th, giving me the impression that writing the MCAT on August 25th is fine. Does anyone have any idea whether there are schools that accept Canadians and require the test scores earlier than that? As well, I know applying earlier yields a better chance for an invitat
  12. Yea that makes sense. If you've done this before, have you set a deadline say a week prior to Oct 1 to ensure that your referees get the documents out and are received by October 1st?
  13. Is the deadline for both to be in the OMSAS office October 1st? I am getting conflicting information with some people saying only the CAF is due then and the LOR can go out later.
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