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  1. well that sucks, felt went decent when I stepped out but the last few days has just been down hill.
  2. How often does one think they connected well with the panel but gets rejected?
  3. I wonder how the equate the 2, and deem when the MCAT helps your case. For example I have a 3.93 recommended courses and 518 on my MCAT, does this help or not. Additionally will it even matter much when its worth only 20%?
  4. No, I'm IP and was wondering if a strong pre-req GPA will help me out.
  5. How much can a strong pre-req GPA help you considering its only worth 20% ?
  6. I ended up sending mine in colour, will that be a problem ? If so will they let me know?
  7. If things haven't changed on our Minerva, does the mean we have likely been rejected?
  8. Hey Guys, Just an update, they recalculated my GPA and it has returned to being what it was last year. If any one feels their GPA may be wrong, I highly advise you contact the Registrar!
  9. Thank you for the heads up, I will try and contact the registrar's office instead. Also, I am not sure as both were just the published grades but I believe they were with the worst years removed.
  10. Thank you for the suggestion, I have actually done just that. Hopefully I get a response soon.
  11. I am a re-applicant from Ontario as well. My GPA last year at Alberta was a 3.93 but this year is a 3.83, would anyone know why with the exact same transcript, my GPA would be so much lower? Should I be contacting the admissions office ?
  12. I thought MCAT was considered post-interview and was split 50/50 with your pre-req GPA if it benefits your application, not pre-interview.
  13. Unfortunately CARS not as amazing as a 130, but would a 128 reasonably balance out a 3.76 ? Of course I do understand Casper is a huge factor
  14. The old 11 was 84-95th percentile, so considering this there is a chance that they would appropriate amount of interviewees even with 128 as CARS. It all really depends on how much they value psych i guess.
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