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  1. Hello all, I failed to meet the requirements of my IP medical school because I took 4 courses a semester as opposed to 5. The Admissions office suggested I do a second bachelor's degree and forget about trying to take a full course load in my final year because they don't think it'd make a difference. I was wondering if a Doctor of Pharmacy or Bachelor of Pharmacy program would count as a second bachelor's degree. Lastly, with a BSc in Chem or Bio, what career would be good to fall back on in terms of fewer years in school or money.
  2. Thanks for the input. I'm either going to do a full courseload or take the time off, as stated in this thread.
  3. I did struggle in my first few years and found myself in a rut. I had talked to counsellor in the past but found myself leaving worse off than had I not seen a counsellor at all. It made me feel hopeless but I managed to turn all of those negative feelings around by throwing myself into my studies. It was distracting and therapeutic, because it gave me "me" time.
  4. Government loans wont finance me because I've been relying on them for so long to finance previous years. It was suggested to me that I should try to claim having generalized anxiety disorder to continue receiving funding but I feel like that's kind of sleazy. Plus, I feel like claiming that I have GAD or depression would hurt my chances of medical school in the future, because how can I handle med school if I have GAD/depression.
  5. I'm trying to, but I can't figure out how to finance it due to this being my 6th year. I have to pay out of pocket and can am still going to be a 1,000 dollars short.
  6. I have found in recent years that I work better under heavy work loads. I wish I would have went for what I wanted from the get-go instead of letting self doubt hold me back.
  7. What about a second BSc in chemistry? I have a chemistry minor + electives already, I figure it would speed things up since I've already obtained a lot of the core requirements.
  8. What sort of degree would you suggest? A second BSc/BA degree? A professional degree? I know Dal offers courses in Radiation technology, nuclear med tech, ect. I would end up receiving a BHSc while also gaining clinical work. Would that count?
  9. Going over my transcript I realize that I've actually had a lighter course-load than I remembered. I've had some withdraws. In year 1 and 3 I've taken 5 courses in the fall and 3 in the winter. In year 2 I took 5 fall classes and 4 winter classes. Year 1: 80% Year 2: 90% Year 3: 80% Year 4: 80% Year 5: 80% I'll be taking 4 courses in the fall this year.
  10. Nova Scotia. Year 1: GPA 2.125 Year 2: GPA 3.078 Year 3: GPA 3.186 Year 4: GPA 3.156 Year 5: GPA 3.8 It was in the middle of my third year when I made a switch from Psychology to Biology. In my 4th year I realized that I love ochem, and in my 5th year I became a chemistry minor. For most of my degree I shied away from hard science because I didn't think I could handle it. I was reluctant to take a Biology major due to chem and math requirements. In an ironic twist, I did the best in my math and chem requirements.
  11. I'm a Canadian student entering my final year of undergraduate study. I've changed majors once throughout my undergrad and have had to take more time than have anticipated completing my undergraduate degree. I've spent the last two years taking four courses a semester as opposed to five. I've recently decided to pursue med school, for reasons. I had a GPA of 2.1 in my first year, however I've been on an upward trend from there, getting a 3.8 GPA last year. I'm currently sitting at a GPA of 3.2 overall, however I'll be finished school at the end of Fall. Because I don't feel like I'm adequately
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